Making Puck: The Beautiful Edition

The Most Beautiful Woman Ever

Earlier this week, Reasonable Doubt brought you a very spicy photo of Christina Aguilera, a hot young lass indeed. Today, MYFO features Grace Kelly, the epitome of old skool beauty, class, charm and, well, grace. In short, you aren’t good enough to be with Grace Kelly. Never mind that she’s been dead for about 30 years. You’ve still got no shot. What else was beautiful last night?

If you’re Montreal, Boston is beautiful. The Canadiens have been having a tough time of it the last week or so, save a shootout win over the pathetic Panthers. But it was get-well night in Boston. Chris Higgins had a goal and two assists as the Habs beat the Broons for the seventh straight time. Your Quote of the Night comes from Montreal coach Guy Carbonneau: “Maybe we should play more games against them.” Apparently, Guy did not get the recent memo about the NHL’s return to a balanced schedule.

Symmetry is beautiful. The Leafs scored twice in each period, routing the Rangers 6-2. How do you know it’s your night? Nik Antropov has a hat trick and Hal Gill gets two assists. On the flip side, boy, things are ugly all the way around at Madison Square Garden these days.

Les Quebecois sont tres beaux. Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis assisted on each other’s goal in the Lightning’s win over Carolina. As Reasonable Doubt would attest, it’s been a roller coaster in Tampa, as the Lightning have won three in a row after a six-game slide. Wheee!

Shakespeare wrote some beautiful stuff. (Daniel) Rosencrantz and (Henrik) Guildenstern led the Canucks to a big road win over Nashville. The box score tells me that some guy named “Linden” also scored. That can’t be Trevor. It is? If terrorists detonated a dirty bomb in Vancouver, all that would be left would be the cockroaches and Trevor Linden.

Even violence can be beautiful. Georges Laraque and Eric Godard had a first period fight. Jarome Iginla scored a couple of goals. But it wasn’t enough, as Hockey Jesus spread his message of peace, love and victories to Western Canada. HJ was held scoreless, as Kris Letang had the shootout winner.

LA is full of beautiful people. Buffalo, not so much. Several of those beautiful people scored as the Kings routed the Sabres 8-2. Anze Kopitar had four assists. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kopitar is an ugly man, but he has some very pretty hands.


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