Making Puck: The Last Hurrah


Well, this is it. I promised I wouldn’t cry, dammit.

According to Fantastic Fiction, “O’Connor’s 1956 account of big-city politics, inspired by the career of longtime Boston Mayor James M. Curley, portrays its Irish-American political boss as a demagogue and a rogue who nonetheless deeply understands his constituents.” It’s also a damn fine read.

It’s good to be Letang. Kris scored his second shootout winner in as many games as the Pens and Hockey Jesus continued proseletyzing to Western Canada. I’m thinking there are a lot of believers out there after this week.

Back to reality. THe Canadiens had been feeling a little better after a couple of wins. However, one was over Florida and the other was over Boston, who the Habs own. They were jolted back to Earth by the Hurricanes, 5-1. At home, no less. Our friends at Four Habs Fans can’t be enjoying the season so far.

And speaking of Boston. The Bruins topped the Leafs 2-1. I had never heard of Chuck Kobasew before this season, but his name seems to pop up a lot in recaps of Boston victories. Alex Auld got his first W for the Bruins since being acquired. I wonder how many lazy writers used some version of “Auld Lang Syne” in their headline?

Big game for Voros. The Wild’s Aaron Voros doesn’t figure to get mentioned in many recaps this season, so I will throw him a bone. He had a goal and also beat up Columbus goon Jared Boll in a 2-1 Wild victory.

Tootoo does him one better. Jordin Tootoo had an assist to go with his goal and a fight in the Predators’ 4-2 win over Anaheim. Tootoo also had less then four minutes of ice time in the game. That, my friends, is efficiency. The Ducks, apparently, are waiting to get their season started until Scott Niedermayer gets back.

Feast or famine. That seems like the story for the Sabres, who either can’t buy a goal or score them in great overflowing gobs. Last night it was the latter, as they pummeled the Sharks 7-1 in San Jose. As usual, the Sabres spread those goals out to a bunch of different players.

That’s it. I can’t keep up the facade anymore. I need to go drown my sorrows in sausage grease and maple syrup. The rest of the games can be found here.

And finally, remember: MYFO isn’t going anywhere. Just the Making Puck feature. This here little corner of the Ebays will be chock full of all-new, totally original crap, even as we perform our other dirty little job for D. Spin.



  1. There was no gane last night. You hear me??? No. Game.

    Habs suck, Making Puck is gone. I have no reason to live. I’ve never even heard of this D. Spin place you keep going on about. Do they have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

    Sausage grease and maple syrup, mmmm.

  2. To prepare for D***S***,

    What, no love for the Blackhawks? Just because they didn’t play is no excuse…

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