Bestowing Accolades Upon Ilja Bryzgalov

ilja.jpgHi there!  I am Ilja! 

To me has been informed by hockey blog, Thaw yours Facenow, that I have been selected as Person Time Magazine of Year. I do not know, how they have received my number of a cellular telephone, but I am assured happy, that they have made me. Now I can brag to my comrades on a command, that besides only being the greater hockey goalkeeper, I – now also the big person!

According to Time Magazine.

I knew, that Time seriously considered the Russian citizen, but I had no concept, that it is I. Especial Me – am only one of set of professional athletes which arrive from Russia, and judging from recent Olympic Games, we precisely do not set fire to world. Heck, I not even in the best 20 in victories over year as the goalkeeper. But it only goes to show, that Time Magazine looks at more than fair statistics. I bet, that you did not know, that I am a humanist also. Assured! Back in my native city Togliatti, I cure goats! Anyone can give money to hungry children on Africa, U2’s Bono. The special person is required to care of sick goats. American Tom Hanks has given me inspiration to support goats at its cinema, the Terminal. Thanks, Tom Hanks. Now I am Person Time Magazine of Year.

Probably Time Magazine saw, that I beat the Philadelphia Pilots last night. It has possibly helped my opportunities, correctly? I have made 28 saves on 30 shots. And one of those was on play in powerful, and those should not speak against my numbers, anyhow.

Examining back, apparently, that I not the first Russian to be Person Time Magazine of Year. Yes, I know! I read all about it on Wikipedia right now. In 1939, Joseph Stalin has won because of its work against Nazis! Probably Time Magazine sees small Stalin in me. We have Sharks are in our division, and they have at least two Germans. In 1983, Yuri Antropov has won alongside with Ronald Riganom. I do not know Antropov. My assumption – he was either the cosmonaut or reserve goalkeeper to Vladislav Tretiak. Gorbachev has won twice! It was the best! If not for him, I would return to Russia right now at a factory of milkgoat, milking the goats. And look now, on the list is one more Russian! It our leader Vladimir Putin …

In 2007?

Now is 2007! That mean that – Ilja is NOT PERSON TIME MAGAZINE OF YEAR?!?

You used me, Thaw yours Facenow. You used me.



  1. This is silly

  2. I have got to get one of those shirts for the office Christmas party.

  3. LeNoc, I’ll send you a couple of my grandma’s tablecloths…can you sew?

  4. I think the man in the baseball cap speaks for all of us when he says, “Honey, check out that shirt. Isn’t that hysterical?”

  5. Ilja and the Amazing Technicolor Doucheshirt.

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