Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors of the Week: Bring Me Some Figgy Pudding

Nobody said Eklund was a manWe at MYFO have scoured the hockey Ebays (or Eb’ehs, as they say up North) for the ridiculous, the preposterous, and the merely ignorant trade proposals floating around out there.

This week’s RIBT Rumors of the Week are a bit special. More special than usual, that is. Thanks to the holiday “trade freeze,” these rumors will have a couple of extra days to percolate before they disappear into wherever ass-talking-generated trade rumors go. So, enjoy the following as you savor your Christmas goose.

The first RIBT Rumor of the Week surrounds Ottawa winger Antoine Vermette. Although he has a first name better suited for the NBA, Vermette is young (25), cheap, and has shown glimpses of offensive skill. By dangling a player like this, the Senators clearly believe they have a legit shot at winning the Stanley Cup this season. One rumor has Vermette going to Pittsburgh. The return would be Gary Roberts. But Black Aces thinks Patrick Marleau would be a better fit. I’d rather have the tough old man, I think.

The runaway winner of the RIBT Rumor of the Week, though, comes from the Ottawa Sun, which has reported that the Wild are shopping Pavol Demitra around. The Sun, second in trade rumor reliability quotient only to the mighty Eklund, seems to believe that the Wild would trade half of its scoring threat just because he’s a UFA after this season. Amazingly (and, really, I was actually literally amazed), I found some intelligent perspective on this from the message boards at Hockey Buzz. See, now you’re amazed, too.

The only reason to trade Demitra would be if you think your team is going nowhere, and the Wild are a long way from throwing in the towel in the West. Plus, as MYFO colleague Weed Against Speed reminded me, Demitra and Marian Gaborik are butt buddies, and everybody knows that it’s hard to concentrate on your work when you don’t have someone to watch your Friends DVDs with. A respectable publication like The Sun ought to realize that. In honour of The Sun, I have renamed this week’s award to Rumour of the Week.


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  1. I’ve heard Chris Simon for a sociopath-to-be-named-later…

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