Closer to the edge…

I’ve made light in past articles of the fact that the producer of the Saw films is buying the Lightning. But the further along this deal goes, the more I start to wonder….there may be more to this guy than using movie quotes to get a cheap laugh.

After the jump, read why Oren Koules may have the last laugh, and why the Jigsaw doll still scares the fuck out of me.

Originally, this deal was going to include a couple money guys and Doug MacLean as the head hockey guy. Apparently, and I  say that because details are in sealed court papers, Koules wasn’t confident in his partners, pulled out his money, and the deal looked dead. That is, until Koules stepped back up to the plate with more money men: A millionaire out of California named Russell Belinsky, who owns Chanin Capital. Chanin Capital, as best as I can tell, buys and sells people’s hearts and souls.

Also coming in is another executive producer of the Saw series. Mark Burg was executive producer on all the Saw movies, and produced a good number of episodes of “Two and a Half Men”. So expect some Charlie Sheen jokes in the next couple months.

The best information I have gathered from my sources (read: the voices in my head and the local paper) is that MacLean, who is known to be, shall we say, “outspoken”, got into a shouting match with Koules over the group’s bid. Koules got pissed, pulled his money out of the initial bid (50 out of the 60 million invested), and went out on his own.

Koules is a creative mind and he’s got a shitload of money. So if he wants to buy the team, more power to him. Anything that screws Doug MacLean is okay in my book. But this team has had first-time owners with gobs of dough before. It didn’t end well.

So, open invite to Oren Koules. Buy the team…but don’t fuck things up. No one in your group has hockey experience. Leave the management in place and let them run the show. You just enjoy your new team and profits.


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