We Were There: The Lightning Hockey Classic

Welcome to a new feature here on MYFO: We Were There. This is where we go out and try to look cool and professional while really just trying to get laid by saying we run one of the top ten hockey blogs on the internet.

I got a call late Saturday night offering me a couple center-ice seats for the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Classic. Apparently, Tampa is showing they’re ready for a full-fledged Final Four to be held in downtown Tampa, and having an assload of NCAA sports played at the Forum is their way of showing it. After the jump, read along as I sat through one of the most entertaining games I’ve ever seen.


It’s 73 degrees, light breeze, palm trees swaying, I’m in jeans and a T-Shirt. How’s the weather for your New Year’s, suckers?

lightning2.jpgGot tickets for the 12th row and center-ice. I could get to like this whole “press pass” and “hockey blog” thing.

The first game on the bill was the third place game between the RPI Engineers and Notre Dame. Thanks to my good friend and fellow Deadspinner Yostal, I found out that Notre Dame won the championship last year, but lost their senior goalie. RPI’s doing good this year in that they’re ranked 18th, but nothing to write home about.

RPI’s Bryan Brutlag single-handedly doomed his team. He got beat badly early in the 1st for Notre Dame’s first goal. Then he got visibly hot-headed and started headhunting. After bodyslamming an Irish Winger and getting a penalty, and RPI gave up a second goal. Brutlag spent more time in the box last night than he did at his own prom. The Irish tacked on an empty netter to win the game 3-1.

lightning3.jpgBetween games, it was time to make fun of the two douchebags in front of me. One was with a guy who had a reasonably hot girlfriend. He just kind of tagged along behind them and acted like a bouncer with a severe head injury. He became Douche #1. He’s down there in front.

Douche #2, however, was in a class all his own. Wearing a University of Kentucky(???) jersey with the name O’Dea on it and snuggling up next to someone who I assume was his wife, but who wanted nothing to do with them. He made every fucking attempt to go talk to the players between periods, and came back each time with a look in his eyes like he just fingered Britney Spears circa 1999. Each time, he hurried up the stairs, presumably to go jerk off in the bathroom.

Speaking of which…I’m all for capitalism. I make large amounts of money simply because I’m good at what I do, and I charge what the market will support. Advertisement works. Anything that can be sold for ad space, I say do it. However….


When this is staring me in the face as I’m about to take a piss? I have a complaint.

Anyway–back to the hockey.

The Championship game between UMass and Colorado College was fantastic. Once again, thanks to Yostal, I found out these teams were #9 and #4, respectively. They played like it.

Colorado’s Senior Defenseman Jack Hillen flipped a puck over UMass’ goalie’s head to take an early lead. The UMass goalie was standing on his head to stop an obscene number of shots, because while UMass’ defense was good about stopping rushes from reaching the zone, once the offense got there, they could have stayed there all night. Apparently, nobody teaches you how to clear a puck up there. The teams traded goals back and forth within 15 seconds of each other, impressive goals coming from UMass’ P.J. Fenton and CC’s Chad Rau, who had a hell of a game.

lightning5.jpgUMass took a late lead off a one-timer from Cory Quirk, which was simply a beautiful shot. CC tied it up a moment later with another great shot from Rau. The game headed into overtime and UMass pulled it out with a redirect from Senior Matt Burto, who was named the tournament MVP.

For some odd reason, UMass, while winning the entire tournament, didn’t have one player on the all-tournament team. But it didn’t seem to matter to them too much, as they celebrated with their big-ass trophy.

All in all, a great night with some damned good hockey. The Forum and the Lightning did a hell of a job getting this thing together, and hopefully it draws more events like it to the area.

And if they want a certain blog to get all-access press passes for that one? I’m sure we could oblige.



  1. For what it’s worth, I’m not from RPI, but there is someone who comments frequently over at Barry Melrose Rocks (melroserocks.blogspot.com) by the name of blackcapricorn, and s/he has the RPI logo as his/her avatar. I don’t know if that means anything, but maybe it does.

  2. There’s nothing quite like a college hockey holiday tournament. I’ve been to every Great Lakes Invitational since 1997, and yeah, it sounds like the Lightning did a nice job with this. I should note, Notre Dame won the CCHA conference and playoff championships last season, Michigan State won the NCAA.

  3. Funny I just tell people I’m Will Leitch when I’m trying to get laid.

  4. We’re Top Ten now? We must have finally knocked off Dave’s Idiotic Hockey Ramblings.

  5. I was at the UMASS v Notre Dame game the day before and it was a great game. I cant wait for next year- I enjoyed it more than the pathetic performance the Lightning put on immediately beforehand.

    I think I can tell you who douche #2 was. If it is who I think it is, and it looks like him from behind, he is a memorabilia ebayer. He is annoying as fuck- the lightning players wont even talk to him anymore. He haunts the visiting teams pit after the games and if he is out back when the players leave the arena they wont stop to sign autographs for other fans because he is there.

    I had to sit behind and next to him during the UMass game on Sat- we were third row by the visitors entrance tunnel- he kept trying to talk to me and my wife, but his unintelligible dribble made no sense. The VIP attendant there warned the CPI and UMass players about him.

    He has a goattee and usually a bag of shit for people to sign. The whole talking to the players and disappearing to the shitter thing is him to the T.

    During the UMASS ND game he was trying to get a goal stick so bad from the backup goalies. Just constantly talking to them. During the 3rd period he left his bag on the seat and went up to the shitter. I followed shortly thereafter and went into the bathroom to piss. Once I knew he was “settled down” I said to myself (in the mirror) “Hey bro, whats up? Yeah, crazy shit huh? They’re giving away sticks down at the tunnel, I scored bro!”

    I hope he ended up with shit all over himself.

  6. Yup. These are our readers.

    Bravo, good sir. I think we stumbled upon the same douche.

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