Welcome Back! (Northeast Edition)

Barton Silverman, NYT

Welcome to the newest feature on MYFO: Welcome Back! We know there’s a lot of fans of football teams that have nothing to pay attention to anymore. Knowing that, they’re turning to other sports. We’re happy to help.  Every time a football team’s season ends, we’ll welcome those fans back to the fold by giving them an update as to what that city’s team has been up to this year.  Part II!

Welcome back, Jets Fans!

YOUR New York Islanders are probably the team you follow right?  After all, don’t the self-righteous New Yorkers that call themselves Rangers fans pine over Eli Manning?  Ok, so a 4-12 campaign wasn’t exactly what you had in mind for your beloved Jets, but they did do an admirable job of pissing off Bill Belichick in Week 1, forcing him to destroy everything in his path.  You should drink this season away by visiting lovely Nassau Colisseum, home of your playoff-bound New York Islanders!  That’s right – the whole damn Atlantic Division is poised for the postseason, and the Isles can thank a rounded scoring effort from Mike Comrie, Miro Satan, and Bill Guerin.  DiPietro has played well in the 2nd year of his 63 year contract, Chris Simon will have plenty of time to master the new Call of Duty game, and Mike Sillinger just won’t die. (Perhaps if his last name was Handsomeface…) 

Welcome back, Eagles Fans!

YOUR Philadelphia Flyers have ridden a roller coaster to this half-way mark of the season, and several players were suspended in the process.  Fortunately, none of them were named Mike Richards – who leads the team with 43 points, Daniel Briere – who isn’t far behind and has the best shooting percentage on the team, or Jason Smith – who has been an effective captain.  A pleasant surprise for Philly has been the play of #5 – no not that Chunky Soup guy – but Braydon Coburn, who has played a solid blueline to date.  Hopefully, the Flyers can continue the momentum with the return of Simon Gagne to the lineup.  His speed and puck handling skills should spark a strong second half, and if a defenseman is able to knock the puck away, Kevin Curtis is especially good at recovering loose pucks for fluke scores.

Welcome back, Bills fans!

YOUR Buffalo Sabres have not been forgotten this past fall, despite the fact that the Ralph Wilson Regulars did manage to win 7 NFL games.  One of MYFO strongest readerships follow Thomas Vanek and Company, and I’ve managed to spell Maxim Afinogenov correctly ever single time I’ve tried.  After an incredible season last year, Buffalo has settled back into mediocrity as their team leaders skipped town, forcing Lindy Ruff to regroup.  8 players have managed to play in every single contest this year, and that doesn’t even include the dangerous Tim Connolly, who’s inexplicably leading my NHL ’08 franchise season in scoring.  Damn computer simulations.



  1. Call of Duty 4 may or may not have occupied my free nights over the holiday season (read: Pissed off my girlfriend and everyone around me because I zone out for hours at a time playing it).

    The “Death From Above” level rocks my socks.

  2. The “northeast” and “southeast” in these post titles is confusing the fuck out of me. If we still had the Adams division it wouldn’t be a problem, so I blame Bettman.

  3. Especially since the Flyers and Isles are in the Atlantic.

  4. I was referring to the region of the country, jackholes.

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