What the fuck?

This! is the Fuck!

Welcome to Day One of the new Melt Your Face-Off. As you can see, there have been some major changes around here, but there have been some minor ones as well.

Obviously, the biggest change is the new logo and design. As some of you said over the weekend, it has a darker, angrier feel. That’s kind of how we are. If there are any problems that you run into, or you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know at the “E-Mail us” link on the left.

Below that “E-Mail us” link is the other big change. We’re switching the line-up around, in that a few guys have been culled from the herd and a few have been given lesser, but still important, positions as contributors. We’ll still see a few pieces a month from them, but they won’t be the every-day guys. Also, we no longer have specific team designations, rather we’ll be covering the whole league, with obvious homer bias to our hometown teams, which I’m sure you recognize by now.

One of the minor changes is the web address. We’ve gotten ourselves off being reliant on WordPress’ servers and moved to http://www.meltyourfaceoff.net . Update your bookmarks and blogrolls accordingly.

We’re going to spend the next few days cleaning up the right toolbar, but otherwise, this is what we’re going to be working with. We’ve got the All-Star break coming up, more Welcome Back posts every week, more Danny Briere, Sean Avery, and BOOOOGAAAAAARD!!!!!, and plenty more dick jokes, so stay tuned.




    We want MELT YOUR FUCKIN FACE OFF for the NHL closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow this layout made me angered. In a good way.

  2. Most excellent new look gentlemen. I’m particularly aroused by the new red and black colour scheme for some reason…

  3. good redesign

  4. This black comment box is trippy. I’m in the bizarro blog-o-sphere or something.

    I will not be updating my blogroll in protest of this colour scheme – blatant pandering to a Habs division rival as SLC noted. Or maybe I’m just ANGRY.

  5. p.s. does face-off have a hyphen or not? the new logo seems to have done away with it.

    /greammar nerdiness

  6. @HF29 – GRAMMAR you fuckhead. learn to spell before you make grammar jokes

  7. Like the Canuckistan usage of u in random words, we add and drop the hyphen at will.

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