I’ll Never Trust a Frenchman

This 2008 Black Hawk Tank will conquer the NHL! A 180 foot IRBM, capable of shooting a booming puck through anything.

*The IRBM falls off*

Not to worry! We have a replacement specially made in Sweden. Just a little glue there, some duct tape, and …

See, good as new!

Now, you see those Archimedes screws on the side. They pull the large body around.

*The screws stop moving*

Er, um, ok. Let’s cover those up.

At least we still have the 100 barrel volley gun.

*Gun breaks down*

Well, let’s put a peashooter in the gun’s spot.

There! It’s the brand new Vintage 2006 Black Hawk Tank!



  1. i don’t get it

  2. And you never will.

  3. You see the Metal Gear Solid tag? Look that up, dipshit.

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