Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Music City Mayhem

What a ToolThe biggest trade rumor of the week was Eklund’s “Ultimate Fantasy Hockey GM Special” that had the Capitals sending Alex Ovechkin and Olaf Kolzig to Nashville for a motley and ever-changing collection of players and draft picks. This idea didn’t pass the smell test, the laugh test, the IQ test, or any other test designed to measure basic plausibility. Fans in DC weren’t really taken in, since Uncle Ted had proclaimed the same day his intent to keep Ovechkin long term with the Caps.

(Quick aside: You just know that team execs love running these bullshit proposals past Eklund, to see if he will actually run with them. GMs have to have some sort of prop bet on who can get him to snap on the biggest whopper. This one is now the leader in the clubhouse.)

But the story was just a little different in Nashville. With new ownership ready to go and plenty of cap space, hockey in Music City is set to get Shaken, Rattled and Rolled as the trade deadline approaches next month. Sadly, GM David Poile looks like he might be ready to break up the band, before they even really got together. Rumors were already abounding that the Predators are shopping JP Dumont around. And not just him, Shea Weber, too. What will that do for the new CD release?

This mega-blockbuster rumor, wherein Dumont (or maybe Martin Erat) and Weber (or maybe Ryan Suter) and Chris Mason (or maybe Dan Ellis) and some other guys (or maybe some prospects, or draft picks) going to Washington for Kolzig and Ovechkin sent Predators fans into a tizzy.

  • But Kolzig is old!” (As if the Predators need young legs in goal to finish ahead of the Kings this season);
  • Ovechkin hasn’t helped the Caps win anything!” (So, naturally, he wouldn’t win in Nashville, either);
  • Ovechkin will never re-sign with Nashville!” (For $10 million a year, not only will he be Big and Rich, he will wash their cars);
  • Kolzig is German!” (OK, that’s true–he is a German citizen thanks to his father. But he was born in South Africa. With that kind of pedigree, he’ll be the Grand Wizard of Nashville in no time.)

In non-hallucinogenic quadrant of the Hockey Trade Rumorsphere, the Ottawa Senators continue to be named in many vague rumors. They are perpetually rumored to be shopping Ray Emery for any number of reasons, but then again that would leave the sensitive Martin Gerber to make the lengthy playoff run the Sens are hoping for, which as Sens Army points out, probably isn’t a good thing. But rather than a forward, which team execs always seem to be talking about, Jeremy at Black Aces thinks Rob Blake could do more to help Ottawa.

You know what? I think he’s right. Blake is sleepwalking through this season in LA, with just 3 goals and an ugly -11. After a solid decade as a 50-point-a-season defenseman who was sound in his own end and not afraid to deliver the occasional big hit, Blake suddenly looks like he’s not at all eager to challenge Chris Chelios’ longevity record. Playing for a bottom-feeding team in sunny SoCal can’t be good for the old motivation. Blake is only 37; he’s still got good hockey left in him. The only problem for Ottawa will be finding someone just as pretty to send back to LA.

(Update: Ovechkin signed a $124-million deal to stay in DC for 13 years. Great call, Eklund.)



  1. Too bad. The Winnipeg Predators could have really used Ovechkin to sell their corporate suites.

  2. A.O. has only scored over 100 points twice in his career.

    /preds fan

  3. But Ovechkin is only the greatest goal scorer in the league the last two seasons! We have no use for him! We already have Martin Gelinas!

    …stupid Nashville fans.

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