Men’s Fitness Magazine Goes Totally Gay for Sidney Crosby…And So Should You!


To our collective delight, the cover story in the February issue of the greatly informative and never-homoerotic periodical Men’s Fitness is about none other than the Messiah, the Golden Child, the Prophet of Puck: Sidney Christ. And you know what? It’s a good thing. Isn’t it about time Sid the Kid started getting the exposure and accolades he rightfully deserves?

After the jump, let us delve into this study of fellatio via the written word article and soak up all its juiciness. It will be like a step class, only for your brain and much less humiliating. As an added bonus, the guy behind you won’t be checking out your ass the whole time you’re reading it. Continue reading


Marty Brodeur House Party: Part Deux


Doc: Oh my goodness! The lights are whipping around faster than a Tiger Williams left uppercut! Partygoers are dancing to the Oakenfold beats!

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