Blues Set New Record for “World’s Shortest Promotion”


Saturday’s visit by the Nashville Predators to the Scotttrade Center in St. Louis will mark the second annual (we hope) “Free Food Day” promotion by the Blues. All paying customers will receive all-you-can-eat hot dogs, chicken strips, soft drinks and other varieties of sugar- and fat-laden goodies. Hey, it’s the Midwest; that’s how we roll.

But around lunchtime yesterday, I got a very intriguing email from the St. Louis Blues Customer Service Team. It was a very enticing offer: for just $25, I could see a hockey game and get totally shitfaced.

Here’s the actual text of that email:

It’s “Tuesdays on Tap” with the St. Louis Blues! Get all-inclusive drink seats at Blues games starting at just $25. Check out the hard-hitting action on the ice from select sections of Scottrade Center, and enjoy all-inclusive drinks* included in the price of the ticket!

“Tuesdays on Tap” begins with the February 5 game vs. Tampa Bay and is good for every Tuesday home game through March 4.

You get the tickets, and we’ll get the drinks. Call 314-622-BLUE or click here for tickets.

“Tuesdays On Tap” Games

February 5 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
February 12 vs. Los Angeles Kings
February 19 vs. Chicago Blackhawks
February 26 vs. Dallas Stars
March 4 vs. Los Angeles Kings

* includes draft beer, soft drinks and bottled water

That’s right: all the draft beer you can drink. Granted, we’re talking about a selection that spans from Bud all the way to Bud Light, but still, free beer is free beer. Especially considering that $25 will normally buy you two and a half beers or so at Scottrade, never mind the price of the ticket.

Uh, not so fast. By 4 p.m., Blues management decided that perhaps pumping 19,000 people driving 8,000 cars full of alcohol wasn’t such a smart “business decision,” in the words of CEO Peter McLoughlin. Or maybe, just possibly, one of the Blues’ lawyers got the same email I did and trampled several paralegals in his/her haste to get to a phone.

McLoughlin appeared to be trying to shift the blame to an overeager intern. “We were discussing a lot of creative ideas. It’s unfortunate the email went out.” Right. Other “creative ideas” that fortunately did not make it into email form:

  • “Free Needle Night.” You bring your drug of choice, we supply the needles! Alcohol wipes included!
  • “Free STD Night.” You supply the erection, we supply the crack whores!
  • “Exxxtreeeeme Night.” No glass, no nets, and one of every ten pucks is explosive!


  1. I’m still pissed they canceled “Wild Whipits Night” at the Xcel Energy Center. I bought a brand new balloon and everything!

  2. You gotta love the timing, giving Ramage getting hit for four years of prison for DUI Manslaughter yesterday and all.

  3. I hope they’re still going through with Assault Rifles & Barbiturates Night. I paid a scalper in State Secrets to get those tickets.

  4. Free skeet shooting night–you be the skeet!
    Free porn night–you bring the “working through college” girls, we’ll bring the lube
    Epilepsy night–strobe lights and Japanese cartoons for all!

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