The Weekly Whoring: MYFO Special Announcement Post


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To our devoted readers, friends and assorted enemies:

Occasionally, we’re sent random stuff in our community inbox. Whether it’s something from Versus, from teams, from other blogs, we usually give in because we have no shame. In this year’s first edition of The Weekly Whoring, we are whoring ourselves out to, well, ourselves.  Essentially, it’s the same thing as charging yourself for a hand-job when you rub one out (ladies, just insert female masturbatory terms in the preceding sentence – heh, insert).

In the ongoing effort to bring you the best and most entertaining hockey content on the internets, we are rolling out a new feature this weekend for all you folks who find it difficult to stay away from MYFO for any extended period of time: we are pleased to announce that for (hopefully) all future nationally-televised games (HDNet, NBC and of course, cable juggernaut Versus), MYFO will be hosting Open Threads.

The plan is to post a preview for the game preceding each broadcast and our hope is that everyone who is just hanging out at home enjoying NHL action will come and check it out and join in on the skullduggery and tomfoolery.

MYFO editors will be occasionally joining in on the fun so be on the lookout for us. If you’re lucky, pie and coffee will be served. If not, whatever you choose to imbibe is entirely your decision (I recommend Screwdrivers). That said, we’ll see you on the flip side, ladies and germs – and bring the funny if you know what’s good for you.

This Saturday, it’s the Panthers and Capitals on HDNet. Ovechkin! Kolzig! …umm…whoever plays for the Panthers! LIVE! Starting at 7 PM EST.

On Sunday, at 12:30, as an appetizer to the AFC and NFC Championship games, it’s the Rangers and the Bruins!

….yeah, we got nothing either. But hey! Sean Avery! Maybe he’ll do something wacky and zany and douchey.

See you this weekend!



  1. I’m not sure what zany means, but if describes anyone it is Sean Avery.

  2. if it describes…..


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