MYFO Open Thread: Panthers vs. Capitals on HDNet

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Unfortunately, even in our darkest days of despair, when it feels like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, in our time of mourning, we must reach down deep inside ourselves and find a way to somehow carry on. Yes, dear friends, as we are all aware, our lord and saviour Sidney Christ did go down with a high ankle sprain last night, and the time of his resurrection is still unknown. Until then, we must rely on each other to get through this and often times the company of friends (even fake internet ones) can provide a wonderful source of comfort and sense of kinship. So as we make our way through these troubled times, let us do so together. In Sidney we pray. Amen.

All right, with that said, let’s take a peek at the tilt tonight between the Florida Panthers and Washington Capitals which will be airing live on HDNet tonight at 7:oo e.s.t.:

Some information, stats and random thoughts on the game:

  • Both squads come in with losing records (Florida: 21-23-4/Washington: 21-21-5), but with a “W” tonight, the Capitals can get back to .500 for the first time since October 24th. What a barn-burner those ad wizards at HDNet came up with.
  • Unfrozen Caveman Millionaire Hockey Player Alexander Ovechkin has been lighting it up since signing his historic contract, netting three goals and chipping in two assists in the past three games. Nicklas Backstrom has been solid lately as well, notching nine points in his last nine games. According to, netminder Olaf “Glenn” Kolzig is 5-1-0 in his last seven starts. I don’t know what happened in the seventh game as his record reflects only six games. He must not have went the required five innings, I guess. Washington is going for their third win in a row tonight. Fear the Caps! Fear them!
  • Meanwhile, for the Panthers, goaltender Tomas Vokoun has been the equivalent of dogshit in the net as of late, going 1-7-1 since December 28th. Fuck, you could put an invalid with social anxiety disorder between the pipes and probably have better results.
  • Washington has lost three of four against Florida this season and has dropped nine of the last eleven at home against the Panthers, so the Capitals should be looking for a little payback. Ted Leonsis commands it!

Finally, to satiate our bloodlust, here is a pretty nice brawl between Garth Murphy and Matt Bradley from the Panthers/Capitals November 28th game:

Hopefully, at least a handful of our faithful readers out there have HDNet. Otherwise, this is going to be a very lonely (and boring) open thread. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Even if you do not have HDNet, feel free to update the rest of us with scores and other goings on in the NHL. Shit, let us know how that quiche turned out or about that slumpbuster you took home last night, if that’s your gig. MYFO editors will be checking in periodically so be on your best behavior. And by best behavior, I mean plenty of dick jokes and making fun of ugly people.

Enjoy the game!



  1. Unfrozen Caveman Millionaire Hockey Player is confused frightened by Florida’s bizarre strategy of not using a real goaltender.

  2. I swear there was an ‘and’ in there.

    /tired from a shitty day at work on a Saturday

  3. Nice to see someone showed up. Good to see you, Madman.

  4. Yeah, I’m one of those people who still likes hockey even though Jeremy Jacobs is trying to drown the B’s in a bathtub.

  5. Where are all the white women at?

  6. it appears that Vokoun is in peak form already.

  7. He has 33% more saves than goals allowed.

  8. Perhaps I should have went with a retarded invalid with social anxiety disorder when referring to Vokoun.

    Cripes, he’s horrible.

  9. This truly is the type of marquee match up that will bring back the casual fans.

    High scoring = interesting to watch, right?

  10. I just came across a book titled “1000 White Women.” So….there’s the answer to that one.

  11. Adult bookstore?

  12. Nope, but it’d be a lot cooler if it was.

  13. Looks like we got ourselves a hockey game, at least.

  14. Shawn Matthias came to play apparently.

  15. A barn-burner indeed! These guys are scoring more than a alcohol fueled at a sex-aholics meeting.

  16. Well that didn’t work.
    I left out half my post. Working ten hours has fried my brain.

  17. Two periods in the books, the score is 4-3 in the favor of the Capitals, and this open thread is on fire, baby! Wooooooo!!!

    Who’s with me?

  18. Shawn Matthias is on pace for 36 goals.

  19. Sorry, I’m late, guys! Who’s ready to party?!?!

  20. HD-Net?

  21. “Shit, let us know how that quiche turned out or about that slumpbuster you took home last night, if that’s your gig.”

    This weekend I’ve been yelling at Cinderella outside of a shrinks office (play), being really REALLY tired and I finally finished off “Red Dwarf.”

    @the Legend of Vincent Tremblay: The fuck’s a HDnet?

    Where are all the white women at?” Right here!

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