MYFO Open Thread: Bruins vs. Rangers on NBC

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Perhaps a Saturday night game on HDNet may not have been the best start to this idea. But today we have a Sunday afternoon with only late football games. NBC serves up a Championship Round appetizer. Watch the Bruins and Rangers tie it up for the second time in 24 hours. Yesterday, Chara fired home a winner for the Bruins in the last shootout round. The Rangers even got a goal from everyone’s favorite douchebag.

Join the comment thread below to follow along with the game. Your favorite MYFO editors and contributors will drop in periodically and throw in our own two cents.



  1. Even in pre-game interviews, Avery is a douchebag.

  2. At least he didn’t use his favorite term “cuntrag”. NBC probably appreciated that.

  3. I do taste vinegar in the air, but I thought that was my cleaning regimen.

    My HOUSEcleaning regimen, thanks.

  4. Come on, Doc. That fourth line idea is half-assed. Every team sends their enforcer, and one enters the ice every 30 seconds, Royal Rumble style, until only one Quebecois with cornrows is left standing.

  5. Almost as bad an idea as the Heineken techno robot commercial during a hockey game. That’s the demo for that commercial, kids?

  6. I’d get unnecessarily violent, too, if I heard the broadcasting team quoting “Arthur’s Theme”.

  7. Ya know, I was hoping that the corpse-bot ad was retired.

    That said… the dancer playing the role of the corpse-bot? Yes.

  8. “I booked Christopher Cross.”


  9. Chuckie, short-handed, short side.

  10. What the hell was that last play by Thomas? Glove, drop, glove, drop, clear… is that the hidden puck trick?

  11. So Jagr has reached his “I’m dying alive here.” stage in MSG, eh, Mad Mike?

    This is why he’s booed in Mellon Arena. (Jagr, not Milbury. We just laugh and shake our heads at Milbury.)

  12. Looks like we have another barnburner on our hands.

  13. The game or the open thread, Weed?

  14. A little bit of both, I s’pose. Insofar as the open threads are concerned, I have a feeling once people figure out that we are doing it, scores of people will start showing up for them – like five or six.

  15. I’d settle for any scoring at this point.

  16. Holy crap, are the Bruins going to get out of the second with double-digit shots?

  17. Metropolit in the scramble. 2-0, and Renney must be having a Lovitz-as-Dukakis moment on the bench.

  18. So *that’s* what that number is for behind Lundqvist.

  19. Some thing has found the Rangers, but it doesn’t seem to be Jagr’s shot.

  20. I know MSG is one of the best arenas in the world, but why do they insist on keeping the seating area so dark? It’s like that during Knicks games as welll.

    Call me silly if you wish, but I would like to be able to see the person that is mugging me.

  21. Kessel has the balls to go to the front of the net. 3-0.

    Wait, what?

  22. Former Gopher Kessel with the goal for Boston.

  23. Well done, Legend.

  24. Dubinski says “Fuck a shutout.”


  25. I go turn on the game and it’s some sports report. And now it’s the international auto show.

    Perhaps I should have gotten up three hours ago.

    Ooooh, Maserati.

  26. @wraparoundcurl: I know–I finally get to a working computer, see you’re doing a live blog. So I head over to see where the action is and…final. Smegging Bruins.

  27. Well, time for me to start paying attention to hockey again.

    How are the Sabres doing?

    Oh, they’ve lost 11 out of 12 games too. Shit. Well, 1 month until pitchers and catchers report!

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