All-Star Game Whoring: The Anaheim Mighty Ducks

Starting today, MYFO will begin a steady ramp-up to the NHL’s All-Star weekend. We have a bunch of posts planned to get you psyched for a game that will not be featuring Hockey Jesus. Stick around today, tomorrow, and throughout the weekend. We’ve got some neat stuff in store for you.

The third video we got from Versus was a video with Chris Pronger and Ryan Getzlaf talking about fighting for respect after growing up watching the greats. After the jump, the MYFO Gang heckles the newbies.

Reasonable Doubt: Chris Pronger and Ryan Getzlaf are new? They’ve been around at least a couple years, haven’t they? Isn’t Pronger in his thirties?? I guess when you hang around fucking Neidermeyer, you feel young by default.

LeNoceur:Pronger’s so old, he played with Wayne Gretzky. His trenchant analysis: “It’s East versus West.” And man against man! Come to think of it, Nick Lidstrom does look like Dolph Lundgren, just a little bit. I’m surprised Getzlaf didn’t come back with an “Eye of the Tiger” reference.

Weed Against Speed: That’s the Los Angeles Mighty Ducks of Anaheim of the Great State of California to you, buddy. Fuck the Ducks. Also, following LeNoceur’s lead, if Nick Lidstrom is indeed the Ivan Drago character, who is Rocky? Better yet, who is Apollo Creed? Hopefully, Apollo’s role will be played by Todd Bertuzzi, but hey, that’s just me. Ahhh, I don’t know. Things just won’t be the same without a James Brown appearance. R.I.P., Godfather of Soul.

Hextall454: Maybe if Dustin Penner didn’t insist on, you know, getting overpaid for his services, he’d be at the All-Star Game, too.  It seems that all Ducks are welcome.  The game is in London, right?

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  1. If these guys are newbies that must mean people like the Sedins haven’t made it into the league yet. This is all very confusing.

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