All-Star Game Whoring: Zdeno Chara

Starting today, MYFO will begin a steady ramp-up to the NHL’s All-Star weekend. We have a bunch of posts planned to get you psyched for a game that will not be featuring Hockey Jesus. Stick around today, tomorrow, and throughout the weekend. We’ve got some neat stuff in store for you.

So the MYFO Gang got an e-mail from Versus yesterday, asking us to put up some videos of a couple stars to hype the game this weekend. Corporate Whores that we are, we said no problem. So, we have the video of Zdeno Chara, Defenseman for the the Bruins. (Interestingly, he’s named Zendo Chara on the YouTube description. It’s fact-checking like that that makes Versus a top-flight network.) After the jump, follow along with your editors as we talk about Chara’s feelings on the game.

Reasonable Doubt: Dude, you’re 6’9″ and over 250 lbs., if someone tries to embarrass you on the ice, take your normal cheap shot and take them out for the rest of the game. It’s what you’ve done all your career. You did it with the Isles, you did it with the Sens, and now you do it with the Bruins.

Weed Against Speed: It would have been a much more entertaining video if he would have went with his trademark “cuchi cuchi” routine and talked about what it was like guest-starring on The Love Boat all those times. Wait, it’s Chara? I was thinking Charo. My mistake.

LeNoceur: That rink hasn’t been Zamboni’d in a month. Every time Chara teed up a slapper, it looked like he was hitting out of a sand trap. What, Versus couldn’t spring the $7.50/hour for the Zam driver to make a couple passes over the rink before the shoot?

Hextall454: LeNoc, do you think Versus prints their own money? They don’t have a petty cash fund for a Zamboni driver – hell, look at the lighting for this commercial. We’re talking basic shooting budget – backup generator lighting or nothing at all. Just like in Cloverfield. Wait. Do we have conclusive evidence that Zheno Chara is not the monster in Cloverfield? Hmm.

Raskolnikov: The greatest players in the world … 

That didn’t think of a legitimate excuse.


  1. Dude, you’re 6′9″ and over 250 lbs., if someone tries to embarrass you on the ice, EAT THEM

    I’m sure that’s what he did growing up, right?

    @LeNoceur:I know. Maybe that’s just left over coke that didn’t get snorted up by all the Versus whores.

  2. Versus whores = Gary Bettman

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