TWW: All-Star Weekend!

Today, MYFO will continue our steady ramp-up to the NHL’s All-Star weekend. We have a bunch of posts planned to get you psyched for a game that will not be featuring Hockey Jesus. Stick around today, tomorrow, and throughout the weekend. We’ve got some neat stuff in store for you.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of All-Star Weekend. After the jump, MYFO’s Preview of the Skills Competition. I’ll be on-hand tomorrow to provide running commentary as the NHL Stars make fools of themselves right here on MYFO. And on Sunday, at 6 PM, we’re going to do another MYFO Liveblog. Join us and snark along! Our liveblog from the Ice Bowl went over incredibly well, and we’re hoping that this one will be better than the first. What else are you going to do? Watch football? Suckers!

The Skills Competition: This is where we take the artform that is hockey and try to break it down like it’s the fucking NFL Combine. did a decent job of explaining shit, but I’ll boil it down for you.

The Obstacle Course: Here is where teams of four navigate through a series of obstacles, relay-style. The first player has to navigate a series of cones on the ice while handling the puck. Imagine if you were taking your driving test during a blizzard. After the player completes that, another player on the team has to lob passes over a barrier into the net. Once four shots are taken, a third player gets to try a series of one-timers from the point. After four shots, the team’s goalie goes to center ice and takes four shots. There are points given for each success, of course.

If you read all that and followed it, you’re a better man than I.

Fastest Skater: Ah, here we go. Much more straight-forward. Race from the goalline to the blue line. There’s preliminary heats like in trac, but the bottom line is: If you’re the fastest, you win.

Elimination Shootout: Not nearly as much fun as it sounds, it’s a shootout format where if you score, you continue. The winner is called when only one player scores in a round.

YoungStars Game: This one has the potential to be badass. No goalies. No faceoffs except the opening. It’s basketball rules. Someone scores, you go get the puck and try to come back. If Patrick Kane and Eric Staal don’t score at least five goals, I’m going to be very upset.

Accuracy Shooting: the old standby. Styrofoam targets on each of the four corners of the goal. 18 seconds and 8 pucks. Most points wins.

Hardest Shot: Fulton Reed, eat your heart out. Two shots, hit it the hardest you can. Fastest shot wins.

Breakaway Challenge: This one could flop royally. This event allows players to try to get their best “creative” breakaway and shot. This will be funny to see who tries to do a figure skating move, only to completely miss the goal on their shot.


  1. I think it’s even money someone blows out a knee trying to do something really stupid on the breakaway. It’s worth watching for that alone.

  2. After four shots, the team’s goalie goes to center ice and takes four shots

    you know, of all the skills required in an NHL game, that one is clearly the most important

  3. The only time I’m interested in seeing goalies go to center ice is for the coolest yet also lamest of all hockey fights.

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