MYFO Liveblog: The All-Star Game

Welcome back! Tonight at 6 PM EST Versus presents the All-Star Game. Join us once more as we liveblog the game. We’ll start after the jump. Comment at will!

6:05 PM EST Update (Pre-game): Legend of Vinny Tremblay has joined the conference.

Weed Against Speed has joined the conference.

Weed Against Speed: Hello hello, one and all.
Reasonable Doubt: Evening, guys.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Good evening, gents.
Reasonable Doubt: I love how right before the All-Star game, we get an infomercial for the Bioflex or whatever the hell else this is.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Holy shit! Hockey on ESPN!
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Well, it’s Air Force @ Army on ESPNU, but it puts Barry Melrose on TV.
Weed Against Speed: So I watched the Simpsons movie and Transformers this weekend. Transformers was awesome.
Reasonable Doubt: I was going to say, all I see are douchebags skiing backwards on ESPN
LeNoceur has joined the conference.

Hextall has joined the conference.

Hextall: Evening, gents.
Weed Against Speed: Hello, fellas.
LeNoceur: howdy
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: How can I change the name that appears in the conference? I’d like to save somebody the effort of constant find & replace for the web site.
Reasonable Doubt: I took care of it on my end.
LeNoceur: me too
Reasonable Doubt: On the Messenger screen, right-click someones name
Reasonable Doubt: Then click Contact Details
Reasonable Doubt: Rename them where it says first and last name.
Reasonable Doubt: That should fix it.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Check, 1, 2…
Reasonable Doubt: Seriously, this total gym shit may be the worst lead-in programming ever
Hextall: Not true. Total Gym > Body by Jake.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: You guys watching the HD feed? I have WEC Wrekcage (that’s how they spell it) on the standard feed.
Reasonable Doubt: Yeah, I’m on the HD Feed
Weed Against Speed: We don’t get Versus HD where I live.
Reasonable Doubt: You live in the other 98% of the country
Reasonable Doubt: Somehow, I get it twice.
Reasonable Doubt: 694 and 729
Weed Against Speed: On the other hand, I do get HDNet, so it’s fair.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Comcast doesn’t have enough HD content for both Golf Channel and Versus, so they share an HD network.
Reasonable Doubt: That may be the same thing I have here. Before this informercial reads “Ryder Cup Highlights”
Weed Against Speed: Speaking of golf, Tiger is dominating this weekend. Big surprise.
Reasonable Doubt: Go-lf?
Weed Against Speed: When you can’t play golf for nearly half the year like we go through here in MN, you take what you can get. Shit me and my brother are going to a golf simulator place next weekend.
Reasonable Doubt: I’m a sucker for mini-golf.
Reasonable Doubt: /shame
Weed Against Speed: It’s great for dates if I remember correctly.
Reasonable Doubt: Indeed.
Hextall: Are we talking Golden Tee or an actual simulator?
Weed Against Speed: Actual simulator. You bring your whole bag and blast the ball into a screen. It even has different conditions you hit off depending on where you are in the course. It’s pretty fun with a couple pitchers of beer. You can play tons of courses, like Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, etc.
Reasonable Doubt: And it just flips.
Reasonable Doubt: When did Keifer Sutherlund get work doing voice-overs for Versus?
Weed Against Speed: He needs to compensate his income with the writer’s strike and, you know, just getting out of jail.
Weed Against Speed: “They’re going to see a lot of rubber.” Same thing was said about Paris Hilton’s orifices.
Hextall: Hey-oh!

6:13 PM EST Update: Hextall: Are they going to let the Hives get off the stage before it goes to the rafters?
Reasonable Doubt: Sure.
Reasonable Doubt: Remember Owen Hart?
Weed Against Speed: I hope not.
Weed Against Speed: Zing!
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: They’re giving the drummer a camera. He’s going to be the overhead goal cam at that end.
Hextall: DO YOUR SONG!!!
Reasonable Doubt: Hey look! Emo guys in suits!
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Emo guys in matching suits.
Hextall: I thought Jared Leto’s band was 30 Seconds to Mars.
Reasonable Doubt: Eat your heart out, Leitch.
Weed Against Speed: Nothing says “rock star” like male pattern baldness.
Hextall: Just realized I know this song because it’s on this year’s Madden.
Hextall: WOAHHHHH!
Reasonable Doubt: Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooa!
Weed Against Speed: Anne Murray couldn’t make it.
Reasonable Doubt: Odds on someone yelling “CAR!!!!!” halfway through?
Reasonable Doubt: And the crowd goes mild!@
Hextall: Why does the tunnel look like Weed’s van?
Weed Against Speed: The cops made me get rid of my van.
Reasonable Doubt: Down by the river?
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: How about the energetic announcement for the coaches? “Mike BAAAAAAAAAB-COCK!”
Reasonable Doubt: Fuck you, Neidermeyer.
Weed Against Speed: Did Pronger just say “I love you sweetie” into the camera?
Reasonable Doubt: I believe he did.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: No, he was saying it to Neids.
Reasonable Doubt: Nashville still has a hockey team?
Hextall: That poor freakin’ drummer. Dude, just play the same beat for 12 minutes. Cool?
Weed Against Speed: Jason better Arnott mention that again, that cocksucker.
LeNoceur: Sorry I’m late. Mrs. Noceur works on Sundays, and I was feeding the chillins
Reasonable Doubt: If the drummer started going to an Inna Gada Da Vida set, I’d start rocking out.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Thomas is wearing a wire! NARC!

6:23 PM EST Update:Hextall: LeNoc, if you ended your sentence with “to bears”, that would be intense.
Reasonable Doubt: Scott Gomez just said Hi to your Mom, Hex.
LeNoceur: Of your Thrashers…for a few more weeks… Hossa
Weed Against Speed: Hossa’s coming to the Wild…never.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Columbus who?
Hextall: Damn him.
Reasonable Doubt: Rick DiPietro is one funny mother fucker.
Hextall: ZENDO!
Reasonable Doubt: ZENDO
Weed Against Speed: ZENDO!
LeNoceur: Zonde!
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Some extra guitar for the Swede.
Hextall: Who invited Theo Fleury and Rob DiMaio?
Weed Against Speed: “Alright guys, let’s go backstage and shoot up that heroin Bettman scored us.”
Reasonable Doubt: Oh, Canuckistan
LeNoceur: They should sing an anthem for every nationality represented.
Reasonable Doubt: Your flat chicks with nice asses and funny accents always get be going.
Weed Against Speed: Somewhere, Alanis is pissed.
Reasonable Doubt: …..wait, what?
Hextall: Boy choir?
Weed Against Speed: Keep those kids away from Bettman!
LeNoceur: THis isn’t gay.
LeNoceur: Not at all.
Reasonable Doubt: This is fucking phenomenal.
Hextall: I think I saw a jonas brother.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: I can think of a few junior coaches who are loving this.
Reasonable Doubt: I think I just heard someone’s balls drop.
Hextall: no, it was marty st. louis nevermind
Reasonable Doubt: ….wow
LeNoceur: Thank God Jiri Tlusty’s not here
Reasonable Doubt: Castrati!
Weed Against Speed: I was going to go there, RD. That’s sad we were on the same wavelength.
Weed Against Speed: I think I saw Bruce McCulloch as Cancer Boy in that choir.
LeNoceur: “Makes you pround, doesn’t it?
LeNoceur: No, Doc, it doesn’t

6:32 PM EST Update:Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Vienna remains unimpressed.
LeNoceur: If you’re looking for filler during commercials, Unaccompanied Minors is on HBO Family
Reasonable Doubt: Lewis Black saved that movie.
LeNoceur: I’m still wrapping my head around Chris Osgood as your ASG starter
Reasonable Doubt: Ha!!
Weed Against Speed: That didn’t take long.
Hextall: Assist by EmricK!
Reasonable Doubt: DiPietro was too busy talking to the booth to save the puck.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Anybody taking odds on the time of the first F-bomb?
LeNoceur: I’m surprised Henrik Sedin can play in the absence of Daniel
Hextall: Ah the timeless beats of Kemkraft 3000
Weed Against Speed: Staal pounds a shot. Into the net.
LeNoceur: I see how you did that, Weed
Reasonable Doubt: DiPietro dropped one when he screwed up his hip last night.
Reasonable Doubt: So I’ll say before the end of the 1st
LeNoceur: Duncan Sheik is on the Hawks?
Weed Against Speed: I am barely breathing hearing that.
Weed Against Speed: It would have been better if it was the Iron Sheik, though.
Reasonable Doubt: FUCK YOU
Reasonable Doubt: YOU ARE GAY
Reasonable Doubt: AND FAGGOT
Reasonable Doubt: /IronShiek
Weed Against Speed: I thought you were doing The Ultimate Warrior, RD.
LeNoceur: And then Rowdy Roddy Piper comes out of the crowd and hits him with a crutch
Reasonable Doubt: Nah, if I were doing him, I’d be rambling nonsensically
Weed Against Speed: Touche.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Blueland is taunting Osgood.
Weed Against Speed: Who’s the cougar?
Reasonable Doubt: Good question

6:36 PM EST Update:LeNoceur: THat was a check! No fair!
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Jovo-Cop is throwing off his OCP conditioning again.
Reasonable Doubt: Zendo is one huge mother fucker
Weed Against Speed: Alright fellas, time for a Jaeger Bomb. Cheers.
Hextall: So, what do you think Jagr is up to tonight?
Reasonable Doubt: Fucking whores.
Weed Against Speed: Having Jagr Bombs?
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: $20,000, but he’s lost the last three hands.
Weed Against Speed: *Jager

6:52 PM EST Update:Weed Against Speed: I don’t know if you guys are seeing the same commercial on the HD feed, but the one where the guy gets his car stolen? I’d be more worried that I was having a bad trip than a stolen car.
Reasonable Doubt: Yeah, no shit.
Reasonable Doubt: The guy in the rabbit mask freaked me out
Reasonable Doubt: And I’m sober.
Hextall: Garth Brooks IS Hockey.
Weed Against Speed: I am still at this point, but I cannot guarantee that for long.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Garth Brooks is hockey in Nashville.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Wait, what?
Weed Against Speed: He shoots his slap shot in low places.
Weed Against Speed: /punches self
Reasonable Doubt: You should bring the wife and kids down for a vacation–we’ll shoot 36 at Innisbrook before they tear it up for the PGA Tour stop later this year.
Hextall: GOAL!!!!
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: MARKOV!
LeNoceur: That’s the Osgood I know
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Did anyone else giggle when Edzo said “back door” at the same time Osgood covered his ass in the replay?
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: /I’m 12
Weed Against Speed: I would have if I had heard/seen it.
Reasonable Doubt: Has Kovalchuk served his whole suspension yet?
LeNoceur: I heard he was appealing. Trying to get it down to one period
Weed Against Speed: Yes, I think he is handsome as well…
Weed Against Speed: WHAT?
LeNoceur: DiPietro: “Stop talking to me during the action, asswipes”
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: We needed live audio of DiPi’s little adventure there.
Hextall: So when does it start snowing?
Hextall: The creepy Blue Jacket logo is right behind DiPietro
Hextall: GOAL!
LeNoceur: Ovie, Ovie, Oh!
Weed Against Speed: Ovechkin’s hero: Michael Strahan.
Hextall: The KFC goal cam: Because Kentucky seems like a grat place for an expansion franchise.
Reasonable Doubt: Back in a tick.
LeNoceur: The Kentuky Barbaros would be hugely popular
Hextall: GROW expansion GROW
Weed Against Speed: I want a Whopper, you cock suckers!
Weed Against Speed: Brian Engblom is my hero. /Ernie McCracken
Hextall: there’s no way that’s an actual customer.
Hextall: Stay tuned live bloggers. At intermission, Weed will make pasta from scratch.
Weed Against Speed: You gotta use Semolina…you got to. GOAL!
LeNoceur: If the West is supposed to be so much better than the East, how come they’re getting their asses handed to them?
Weed Against Speed: Speed? Wait, Sid ain’t playing. Nevermind.
Hextall: The East believe in the power of prayer?
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Hey, Osgood. DiPietro has two idiot announcers yammering in his ear. What’s your excuse?!
LeNoceur: He’s Chris Osgood.

7:09 PM EST UPdate:Weed Against Speed: More like Osbad. God I’m stupid.
Reasonable Doubt: Is that guy playing Tequilla on an organ?
LeNoceur: Tequila on organs=bad
Reasonable Doubt: Tila Tequila on organs = STD
Weed Against Speed: Tulips on an organ=Good
Hextall: GOAL!
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: OVIE!
Reasonable Doubt: With any luck…his confidence is ruined forever.
Reasonable Doubt: Terrified of ice rinks…
Reasonable Doubt: and men in red woolen shirts
Reasonable Doubt: getting incredible kicks off of things he’ll never know
Hextall: Just want to point out that Lidstrom was part of that D pairing. That is all.
Weed Against Speed: It’s the final 100 seconds…just so you know.
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: Reasonable Doubt, RBK would like to have a word with you over your use of the word “woolen”.
Reasonable Doubt: Heh
LeNoceur: DiPietro is better than Emrick
Legend of Vinny Tremblay: “Our special guest in the third will be Rick DiPietro, who will kick the shit out of Doc Emrick for ruining his shutout.”

7:21 PM EST Update:Weed Against Speed: And now I find out I have been doing this Live Blog with my Vegas showing the whole time. Hope no one was offended.
Reasonable Doubt: Is that how the girls knew you had a haircut?
Legend of Vincent Tremblay has left the conference.

Hextall: fuck is a Vegas?
Weed Against Speed: Possibly.
Legend of Vincent Tremblay has joined the conference.

Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Hey, I’m me instead of… me. I guess I had to leave and re-enter for the name change to work.
LeNoceur: I have beer now. Let the hilarity ensue!
Hextall: Why are they lined up again?
Weed Against Speed: Tip of the glass to you, LeNoc. Beer on Sundays, at least ’round these parts, means you planned well. That, or you drove to Wisconsin to buy more.
LeNoceur: Another anthem
LeNoceur: The world’s longest crack pipe?
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: A plexiglass hockey stick? I think I made one of those in shop class.
Hextall: For those wondering, the NHL Network is counter programming with the ECHL All Star Game.

7:29 PM EST Update:LeNoceur: That’s why it’s such a huge success
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Um, Ovie, DiPietro isn’t in anymore.
Weed Against Speed: That’s turn it up a notch! NHL All Star Weekend! Feel the excitement!
Weed Against Speed: Alright, that wore me out.
Weed Against Speed: Okay, let’s see…um…where does everyone think Bettman is?
Hextall: Shoot, Gonchar, you crazy Russian.
LeNoceur: Choosing his own adventure on MYFO?
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Vokoun has had some stick-swinging tantrums over Florida’s lack of defense. I really, really hope he’s in the right frame of mind for this.
Reasonable Doubt: Rushing home to find his wife gang-banged, apparently.
Hextall: reading books at his local Borders because he’s too cheap to buy them and take them home?
Weed Against Speed: Correct!
Hextall: and by books I mean God Save the Fan
Weed Against Speed: Stealing the players’ socks out of the locker room was going to be my guess.
Weed Against Speed: RAMBO!!
LeNoceur: When I need hostages recued, 60-yr-old roiders are the first guys I think of
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: The best critic quotes they could get were from Make of that what you will.
Reasonable Doubt: “It stinks!” – Jay Sherman
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: I mean, when you don’t have Pete Hammonds from Maxim at your back, who do you have?

7:35 PM EST Update:Weed Against Speed: The only injecting of juices into his Thanksgiving turkey was done with his fist, so he claims.
Hextall: Peter Travers?
LeNoceur: Nash is completely wasted on Columbus
Hextall: East 5, Rick Nash 2
Weed Against Speed: That coach pretty much just said the All Star Game is stupid.
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Sorry, Gaborik, but you’re no Rick Nash.
Raskolnikov has joined the conference.

LeNoceur: West’s new strategy–all breakaways, all the time

7:48 PM EST Update:Weed Against Speed: I’ll let that Gabby comment, slide, Legend. Because it’s true.
Weed Against Speed: Rask! The madman has arrived!
Reasonable Doubt: Evening Rask
Hextall: hey rask
Raskolnikov: yo
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: That’s what this evening needed: Mad Russians.
Weed Against Speed: And White Russians.
Raskolnikov: The East looks like a communist country’s flag
LeNoceur: Well, if you ask Pronger, this game is East versus West
Weed Against Speed: He went on to say that the team that scores less goals is going to more than likely lose.
Reasonable Doubt: Fuck you in the goatass, Neidermeyer
Raskolnikov: how many glasses of krupnik has Edzo drunk?
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Not bad for one month’s work.
Weed Against Speed: You have a lot of hate for the Ducks, RD. I like that.
Reasonable Doubt: I like Jiggy.
Reasonable Doubt: The rest of them can suck my ass.
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Parros is a yinzer. And his mustache could kill me.
Reasonable Doubt: You know what I just realized?
Reasonable Doubt: Since the Bolts and the Rangers open next season in Prague…
Reasonable Doubt: Sean Avery is going to fuck some Czech whores.
LeNoceur: Prague rocks. That is all.
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Malkin wants to make time with some Swedish soccer fans.
Weed Against Speed: Sean Avery is already fucking Czech whores. He doesn’t need to go there, they come to him.
Hextall: You mean no one’s going to trade for Avery for the stretch drive?
Weed Against Speed: I’d take him. Is he really tradeable?
Reasonable Doubt: Wherever he goes, the female population better hide.
LeNoceur: 100 seconds left!
Hextall: It depends if the Rangers think they’re still in the race.
Weed Against Speed: I cannot wait for the analysis of this game on ESPN tonight. Right after 30 minutes about Brady’s foot.
Hextall: I find it hard to believe that all 5 Atlantic teams will make the postseason.
LeNoceur: Nabokov is the MVP of this game
Hextall: Russians all look alike to Edzo.
Hextall: racist
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Nabokov is the biggest party-pooper in the NHL.
Weed Against Speed: Commies, all of them!

7:53 PM EST Update:Reasonable Doubt: Gary Bettman in the booth!
Reasonable Doubt: YAY!
LeNoceur: Bettman in the booth!
Weed Against Speed: Sweet. Bettman’s on in the 3rd.
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Bettman LIVE!
Raskolnikov: He’s wearing Mrs Bettman on his left foot
Weed Against Speed: I hope he explains his infatuation with his own poop.
Weed Against Speed: Sweet save, man.
LeNoceur: Gary, we kid because we love. Wait, no we don’t.
Weed Against Speed: Can I call in sick to work tomorrow because I was doing a Live Blog and was compelled to drink?
Reasonable Doubt: If you can get a day off for MLK Day, you can get a day off for that.

8:00 PM EST Update:Raskolnikov: maybe if I crosscheck everyone in the head, Chris
Reasonable Doubt: Chris Pronger wants to remind you…
Reasonable Doubt: this is East v. West
Weed Against Speed: “Now let’s cut to commercial so we can run a train on this slut.”
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: MARCHING BAND ON ICE!!!!
Raskolnikov: the only chin bigger than Reese Witherspoon
Weed Against Speed: Ne-Yo? That was cool because the hyphen was already in his name.
Raskolnikov: It’s John Vanbiesbrouck’s nightmare!
Weed Against Speed: Was that a Casio keyboard guitar thingy?
Hextall: Iginla on the keytar.
Raskolnikov: 300 Trevor Daleys!

8:23 PM Update: Hextall: I love this Nick Cannon movie.
Hextall: (so does TBS)
Weed Against Speed: God someone fall down…god someone fall down.
Raskolnikov: You’re a pussy Chara
Raskolnikov: /Iafrate
Weed Against Speed: This is when the excitement starts.
Reasonable Doubt: Vinny from Queens!
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: STOP! Bettman time!
LeNoceur: Gary, how’s your wife? Heard she had a tough week.
Reasonable Doubt: Is he blushing or wearing make-up?
Hextall: Carolina at San Jose in August, baby
Weed Against Speed: Debriefed? Gary you pervert!
Raskolnikov: Ugliest. Geisha. Ever.
Reasonable Doubt: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you
Hextall: In HD he’s definitely wearing makeup.
Weed Against Speed: At least The Cult is playing in the background.
Reasonable Doubt: Yeah, he’s got some cheek make-up on
Raskolnikov: Steven Seagal fights for Gary Bettman’s honor
Reasonable Doubt: What the fuck?
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: somebody ask him about the nhlpa… somebody ask him about the nhlpa…
Reasonable Doubt: Did he just ask if the NHL would exapnd to Europe?
Weed Against Speed: “This is the church, this is the steeple”. Seriously, what is going on with his hands?
Reasonable Doubt: They can’t even get a team in Kansas City!
LeNoceur: Well, Paris is no KC
Weed Against Speed: You can’t get ribs there!
Hextall: The Prophecy of Pronger!
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: See what Pronger did there? Getzlaf just needed some motivation!
Reasonable Doubt: You know how I know you’re gay?
Raskolnikov: That’s not a question, Manny
Weed Against Speed: That question was awesome.
Reasonable Doubt: You wear make-up on live TV
Raskolnikov: My equipment is bigger than 5’9″
Weed Against Speed: That’s why we have to change the rules?? Hardcore, GB, hardcore.
Raskolnikov: Ladies…
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Meanwhile, at the other end…
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: TIM-MAAAY!
LeNoceur: NASH!!!!!
Hextall: BRIDGES!!!!
Weed Against Speed: Hat trick for the guy who created the Executioner skateboard.
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Is there a human being on the planet who can’t be undressed by Rick Nash?
Weed Against Speed: Needs more Puck Bunnies.
LeNoceur: Ice hoochie!
LeNoceur: We are not going to live-blog the 24-hour game, right?
Reasonable Doubt: Why not?
Weed Against Speed: Not unless someone can score some blow.
Reasonable Doubt: Each one of us can take a couple hour shifts
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Versus is covering all 24 hours, right?
Raskolnikov: /pulls out adderall
Reasonable Doubt: Weed, I’ve got a Trafficking trial on 48 pounds coming up next month
Reasonable Doubt: If I get a not guilty, the evidence gets released.
Reasonable Doubt: Split it with you.
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Hossa!
Hextall: Marcel?
Weed Against Speed: My nose just started running…
LeNoceur: Gary Bettman, shifting blam eto others since 1993
Weed Against Speed: The West is the best.
LeNoceur: Dion, with an assist from the Belmonts
LeNoceur: / old school
Hextall: Ah, Blur. That’s a fresh choice.
Weed Against Speed: Woo-hoo!
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: More quality defense from Sergei Gonchar.
Hextall: I have no idea what GB just said.
Weed Against Speed: “These aren’t the TV ratings you’re looking for.” It’s a jedi mind trick, hex.
Hextall: Translation: Hockey Jesus is not coming to Phoenix anytime soon.
Hextall: You mean the small green muppet with the ears?
Weed Against Speed: Some pretty sweet saves.
LeNoceur: West should start double-shifting Nash

8:33 PM EST Update:Weed Against Speed: That oil sludge commercial gives Osi Umenyiora a hard-on.
LeNoceur: THey are all clustered around Slovenia’
LeNoceur: s lone television
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Wow, Kopitar looks like Scott Neidermayer in his team mugshot.
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: /stupid Versus
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: There’s Gaborik.
Weed Against Speed: Der Kopitar is in town, uh-oh.
Weed Against Speed: Gabby. Solid player.
Raskolnikov: great objective analysis there
Hextall: Wow, an After the Fire reference.
Raskolnikov: that’s ESPN Comment-worthy, Weed
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Weed, you channeling Pensblog there? Try centering the text and using the word “jobber” a lot.
Weed Against Speed: You know me. I’m actually adding something to the live blog. Imagine that.
Weed Against Speed: I’ll be sure to not say anything about the Western Conference from this point on as well. How’s that?
Raskolnikov: James Thrash has work, I see
LeNoceur: That Penguin is still less gay than Steely McBeam
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Steely McBeam would run screaming from Jean Claude Van Damme.
Raskolnikov: Sudden Death
Raskolnikov: I hated that movie because Tony Amonte was right handed
Hextall: I’m starting to think that Legacae doesn’t think he has any skill whatsoever.
Raskolnikov: that’s prescience
Weed Against Speed: He has self-esteem issues.
Reasonable Doubt: I’m telling you–he’d rather be doing anything right now than play goal for St. Louis
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: You hear the word “confidence” used around goalies a lot.
LeNoceur: A 7-game losing streak will do that to you

8:41 PM EST Update:LeNoceur: Skip the OT, go straight to shootout
Raskolnikov: Dipsy Doo! Denis Savard! Mitt Romney!
LeNoceur: There was the F-bomb
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: “The hockey gods.” Yeah, right.
Hextall: 100 seconds?
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: We need a total egomaniac to be mic’d for next year’s game. Can we get Roy out of retirement?
Reasonable Doubt: We’re going to OVER-TIME
Reasonable Doubt: I want Hockey Jesus mic’d up next year
Reasonable Doubt: Whoops-a-daist
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: SAVARD!!!!
LeNoceur: Shit
Hextall: Looks like Legace
Reasonable Doubt: Poor Legace
Hextall: will be on the bench

8:46 PM EST Update: Weed Against Speed: Fuck’s a Norris?
Raskolnikov: and the Communists win
Weed Against Speed: Fear the Red, Rask.
Hextall: Alright – who’s your MVP?
Reasonable Doubt: It still would have been 9-8 without goalies.
Reasonable Doubt: Ovie
LeNoceur: Nabokov
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: Nash
Raskolnikov: Nabokov
Reasonable Doubt: DiPietro maybe
Reasonable Doubt: Allowed 1 goal
Hextall: Staal
Raskolnikov: I can’t believe I shook his friggin’ hand
LeNoceur: DINO
Weed Against Speed: The Hives?
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: A Dodge Journey?
LeNoceur: Booooooo
Hextall: BOOOOOO!!!!
Legend of Vincent Tremblay: BOOOOOO
Weed Against Speed: Oob?
Weed Against Speed: How tall is Bettman? Five feet even?
Reasonable Doubt: He’s a leprechaun
LeNoceur: That’s 5’1 3/4″
Raskolnikov: Driving a Journey on a Sunday Nite

And that will do it for us, gang. Thanks for tagging along, and stay tuned tomorrow as we push out some more quality for you before the games crank back up on Saturday.

Good night, and good luck.



  1. First!

    Oh, wait…

  2. how much alcohol is required to participate in this useless exhibition liveblog?

    and can I participate if I’m watching on CBC? they’re not giving out swag

  3. I’m watching the Skillz Comp from last night on TiVo and I just have one question:

    Tomas Kaberle = Borat?

  4. VS got an HD camera?

  5. Yes, but only one.

  6. @Hex, the flipping from widescreen to standard every angle change is always trippy.

  7. the camerawork on this Hives performance is giving me heart palpitations.

  8. Henrik Sedin looked so sad without his other half there

    this rock ‘n roll player intro is ginving me a headache

  9. I have no cable at all giving all the snow. So I get to rely on this liveblogging.

  10. 12 seconds? god at this rate we’re headed for 20-17

  11. Tomas Kaberle = Borat?

    Nah, but he may be a wild and crazy guyin tight slcaks on search for american foxes

  12. CAN SOMEONE HIT SOMEONE???????????????????????????

  13. who cares if garth brooks roots for the west or east

  14. *guy in


    and unfortunately, the play I’m in dictates that I’ll miss most of the fun here starting at 7. Shucks.

  15. check out Weed’s new haircut.

  16. You have to be happy about that goal Habsfan…

  17. Is the game viewable online? anyone know?

  18. How did Becky know I got a haircut?

  19. @Becky, Weed

    Well Weed, it really is quite nice on you.

  20. Weed, what have we told you about leaving your webcam on?

  21. i need beer

  22. Hextall if I was awake I would be. I hate All-Star “hockey”

  23. @TLoVT: I was just messing with him, no worries.

  24. i’m done with this game….

  25. all Ovie, all the time.


    alriight, time for weed pasta! er, Weed’s pasta

  27. Time for Osgood to retire.

  28. Okay, first off you put the Semolina flour on a cutting board. Next you make a well in the flour, add two eggs and beat. Work the beaten eggs into the flour, adding water when necessary.

  29. Hey wraparoundcurl, I got two options for you. (CBC) (Versus)
    I would recommend the CBC feed, especially if you’re American. (Bring a little education into your life).

    And also, does Kopitar have a no shooting clause for today, or what?

  30. i think what i really need is a Jager bomb recipe to survive these next two periods. Red Bull or some other energy drink?

    Willie O’Ree! I’d make smart ass comments but it was MLK Day this week.

  31. Alyssa Milano on CBC! yes, since the naked vampire movie

  32. Trivia Question: Which two NCAA school have 2 alumni in the game today?

  33. Sick sick sick, Rick Rick Rick. All 17 NHL fans in Columbus just went “Huh.”

    I like how CBS Sportsline is adding these goals to the season totals (Ovey with goals 40 and 41!). Uhm, no, they don’t count. Take your glog and shove it.

  34. Ok, since Weed taught you pasta last intermission, I’ll give you all a secret recipe for this one.

  35. i think i fell asleep. did i miss anything?

    and I woke up to a marching band. on a hockey rink. or is this all a dream?

  36. Take the Hot Pocket out of the freezer. Unwrap it and open the cardboard sleeve. Slide Hot Pocket inside sleeve. Microwave. Wait 40 minutes for the damn thing to cool off.

    Prepare and serve.

  37. sounds delish!

  38. The forty minute wait time on the Hot Pocket is crucial.

    “Hot Pockets”


  39. Do you think Bettman gets booed while he’s out eating dinner? I hate this man.

  40. Yeah, I have a question for the commissioner: “How about a nice big cup of shut the fuck up?”

  41. what about the idea of not wearing helmets for the all star game?

  42. Chris Osgood is becoming a BIG Tim Thomas fan…

  43. The thing I want for the all star game is for the goalies to be wired to talk smack to each other. Forget this talking to the booth crap.

  44. Now THAT was great hockey! It was a high class exhibition until the last 10 minutes. There ya go, Gary. Figure out a way to bottle that and you’ve got a product to sell!


    Anyway, good live blog boys. (I laughed at the After The Fire (Falco) reference, and now I feel shame.)

  46. thanks for the live blog…see ya in the SCP

  47. @War Penguin :The thing I want for the all star game is for the goalies to be wired to talk smack to each other.

    Only if the goalies are Ryan Miller on AMP and JS Aubin.

    Good show, everyone! Thanks a bunch!

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