What, No Hannah Montana?

He’s a cowboy, babyThe St. Louis Blues, looking to make a marketing comeback from their short-lived “drink yourself stoopid” promotion, are looking to entice a few more fans to Tuesday night games by making the ultimate crossover pitch: washed-up rock acts that also cannot sell their own tickets. This new promotion goes by the catchy title of “Rock’N Tuesdays.”

Aside from the questionable spelling and/or punctuation, the deal goes like this: buy a ticket to a Tuesday night Blues game for $30, and get a free (that’s right, free!) ticket to your choice of Santana or Kid Rock.

Just for fun, I decided to see how much I would have to shell out for one of these concert tickets if I were not a Preferred St. Louis Blues Customer. A local ticket broker’s Web site did not have either show in its “Hottest Concerts” list (neither Carlos nor Kid, apparently, is as hot as Michael Buble or REO Speedwagon). The cheapest tickets to Kid Rock through the Scottrade Center box office are $27. So, that’s $3 for the hockey game, essentially. Considering that you can get walkup nosebleeds for $15, that’s not necessarily a huge savings.

And where did it all go wrong for Kid Rock? A few years ago, he was the fun-lovin’, whiskey-swilling “bad boy” of rock, banging Pam Anderson, sharing a Super Bowl stage with Janet Jackson’s nipple, and selling CDs with the ease of Rick Nash beating Eastern Conference goaltending. Now, he’s begging to fill seats by pairing up with a 12th-place hockey team to give away tickets below face value and hyping the appearance of Rev. Run (of Run-DMC fame) in his show. Next year, he’ll be on the county fair circuit, opening for the Pointer Sisters.

Oh, and Santana. Carlos, oye como va? You’re better than this. I’ve seen Santana in concert. And while my memories of the event are…somewhat hazy…dude can put on a show–and he’s been doing it for 40 years. I can’t believe he has to go down this road. Even sadder: tickets to his St. Louis show (scheduled in April) aren’t even on general sale yet. Is anti-immigrant sentiment in this country really that strong?

(And, to give Kid at least a little credit, there is photographic evidence that Kid has at least heard of hockey.)




  1. Methinks Carlos Santana needs to choose his guest vocalists more wisely. Michelle Branch? ¡O, Dios mio!

  2. Go to a Blues game?

    I think I have to wash my hair that night.

  3. Vaya con dios, Carlos.

    @wraparoundcurl: Yeah, I know what you mean. I think I need to do my laundry that night

  4. I’ll also be cleaning something I own that evening.


  5. When Kid Rock tickets went on sale in Detroit for his concert next month, it sold out within 24 hours so they added a second show. That show also sold out pretty quickly.

    And Kid Rock does like his hockey and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a close friend of Chris Chelios and a few other Wings.

    Apparently, he’s more popular in Detroit than St. Louis.

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