Goon of the Week: Jody Shelley

The Original Goon

Well, my last couple “Goons of the Week” (fortnight, month, whatever) have featured the bad side of goonery–one of the cheapest of cheap shots ever, and a sneaky coaching maneuver. Today, though, MYFO celebrates the positive side of gonnery, in the person of Jody Shelley.

Jody learned to use his fists at a young age, after his parents saddled him with two girls’ names. Fortunately, he learned to skate in between scraps on the mean streets of Thompson, Manitoba. He parlayed his skills into a nice career with the Columbus Blue Jackets. While he has never scored more than 10 points in a season, he has topped 200 PIMs three times. In fact, he is the all-time PIM leader for the Jackets franchise.

After years of toiling in obscurity, Jody’s value was recently recognized and honored. He was acquired by the San Jose Sharks this week for a sixth-round pick. Now, at least, this willing enforcer (and always a clean enforcer, so far as I know) will have a shot at winning a Stanley Cup (in the sense that the Sharks will make the playoffs, while the Jackets probably won’t). Congratulations, Jody! you are the MYFO Goon of the Recent Time Period!

Although little could top this honor (that’s true: it wouldn’t take much at all), you will soon have the honor of duking it out with the likes of George Parros and Matt Cooke as you help the Sharks down the stretch. Just don’t forget the good folks back in Columbus; when you’re in town on a road trip, throw down with Jared Boll just for old times’ sake.


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  1. Nooo… this must mean we don’t get to see DJ “Partyboy” King kick Shelley’s two time girly-named a$$ as much as we’re used to. Dammit!

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