MYFO Undercover Special Edition: A Mrs. Bettman Diary Entry


Over the past few weeks, through the efforts of our crack undercover investigative team, we have brought you several excerpts from the pages of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s private diary. Upon further inspection of Mr. Bettman’s diary, we have realized there were a few pages stuck together (what substance caused this is undetermined at this time and will more than likely continue to be unknown as no one here at MYFO really wants to know). In between the pages appeared to be a page torn out of a journal. We have confirmed that the page is an entry from Mrs. Bettman’s personal diary. Why was it in the Commissioner’s diary? Would it provide us some insight into what it is like to be married to the Commissioner and therefore, into the distorted psyche and twisted mind of the Bettster? We shall see.

Note: For the uninitiated, MYFO team member Raskolnikov, through his own investigative efforts, had already identified and actually came in contact with Mrs. Bettman. If you have not done so already, you can find documentation of his findings here. Continue reading


Hockey Doesn’t Have a Place Within an Organized Religion


Well crack my craw and call me Alex Ovechkin. We’re gonna win this game and stay ahead of those Democratic homosexual Coyotes in the race for that second holiest of holy grails. 3:19 to go and up a goal at home. Praise be to Jesus.

*Takes a knee, bows head*

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Welcome Back! (Bridesmaid Edition)


Welcome to the newest almost-ready-to-be-retired feature on MYFO: Welcome Back! We know there’s a lot of fans of football teams that have nothing to pay attention to anymore. Knowing that, they’re turning to other sports. We’re happy to help. Every time a football team’s season ends, we’ll welcome those fans back to the fold by giving them an update as to what that city’s team has been up to this year.

Ok, Patridiots. Maybe we were going about this all wrong.

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