Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Emery Boards

fair_trade.gifRay Emery is crazy. Cray-zee, baby. Word around the rinks is that he has been hitting the donuts hard–when he does show up for practice, there’s powdered sugar all over his sweater. He’s lost the support of many Ottawa fans, if the estimable Senators Lost Cojones is any indication. The coach won’t play him if he loses, his teammates can’t be happy with his practice-missing antics; he may even want out himself. So Ray is prime trade bait, even if he does come with lots of baggage and a hefty contract. But where should he start apartment-shopping?

Well, as it turns out, there isn’t much of a market for a head case goalie who also isn’t playing particularly well. So, let’s turn to a guy who is almost certain to be actually traded, and who also is desired by many teams: Marian Hossa. Hossa is a terrific player, still in his prime, playing for a subpar Atlanta team, and a UFA at the end of the season–in other words, classic trade fodder. If they’re clever, the Thrashers could get back some of the draft picks they coughed up to rent Keith Tkachuk last spring.

One report has Hossa returning to the Senators. A prospective lineup of Hossa-Spezza-Heatley-Alfredsson has Senators fans (rightfully) salivating. HOWEVAH, I don’t want to turn this post into Everything Sens. I don’t think so.

So, one rumor has Hossa going to Montreal. The Falconer at Thrashers Talons thinks that Chris Higgins would be a nice get for the Atlantans in exchange. I won’t be able to tell if this is a good idea, however, until HabsFan29 joins in the comments and tells me what to think. But it seems like a steep price for a rental, even one as talented as Hossa. Another rumor has Michael Ryder coming in exchange, which seems much more in line.

Finally, Peter Forsberg. Remember him? Used to play a little hockey? Well, he’s taken a page out of the Roger Clemens playbook (the same one used by Niedermayer and Selanne) and has decided he’d like to play a few games this season, too. Everybody and their brother would like to have a Forsberg, so there are a million rumors. Back to Nashville? Reuniting with Joe Sakic to revive the Colorado Glory days? Anaheim, with the rest of the part-time players? There are too many to link to. But I like this one the best, so that’s the one you get.



  1. Word around the rinks is that he has been hitting the donuts hard

    Hey, maybe he’s just trying to increase his ass size to stop more pucks.

  2. You will think what I tell you. Resitance is futile.

    The Falconer is dreaming in technicolor. No way we part with Higgins in that deal. Milk Carton Mike Ryder plus one of our many prospects (Price and McDonagh excluded) is the best he can expect for the rental.

  3. As I mentioned whilst traipsing through Leaf Land, I would happily accept a 50lb bag of potatoes and some old jock straps in exchange for Sugar Ray Emery. Anybody? Anybody at all?

    Corvo/Emery/draft pick for Hossa, + Vermette/prospects/draft pick for Sundin + signing Forsberg’s bionic ankle later this week = You are all officially our bitches!

    Whew, that was fun. I think I’ll hit the pipe again….

  4. Oh…and I’ll have to look up “estimable”, but my dog tells me that’s good. Thanks gents!

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