Rick Tocchet: Back in the Saddle, and Off to the Races

Know When to Hold Em

Rick Tocchet will be back behind the bench tonight for the Phoenix Coyotes. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who had previously denied Tocchet’s reinstatement from an extended “leave of absence,” is now ready to “move forward” and let Tocchet back into the league. Tocchet and the Coyotes held a press conference Wednesday to announce his return. Just in case you missed it (although it was carried live on FSN Arizona, so there’s really no excuse), MYFO has the transcript for you after the jump.

Wayne Gretzky: Thank you everyone for being here. Briefly, I’ll just say that we are tremendously excited that Rick will be back behind the bench tomorrow. We know he’s been very anxious to ante up and get back in the game. We’ll take your questions.

Reporter1: Wayne, was there any hesitation on your part, or the organization’s, in taking Rick back?

WG: None at all. Sometimes you have to take a chance on a guy. And we’re all in with Rick.

Reporter2: Rick, how does it feel to be back after all this time?

Rick Tocchet: It feels great. Hockey has been my life, and being out of it was really hard. But being given this second chance makes me feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.

Reporter2: Rick, what have you been up to in the interim?

RT: Well, I really enjoy Arizona. There are a lot of cultural activities here, especially on the reservations. I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about Native American culture.

Reporter1: Rick, have you spent any time keeping up with the team? How do you think they look?

RT: Well, it’s a good group of guys. A lot of young guys, and when you’re dealing with young players sometimes you just have to roll the dice and see what happens.

Reporter2: That was a tough game last night, losing to the Flames after being up 3-0. How do you come back from that?

RT: Good question. But I’ve always believed, when the chips are down, you find out what you’re really made of.

Reporter1: What has Ilya Bryzgalov meant to this team?

RT: Ilya has been outstanding. A real difference-maker for our club. Snagging him was like winning the lottery.

Reporter2: Rick, the trade deadline is coming up. Should the Coyotes be buyers or sellers?

RT: Well, that’s really up to the management. As coaches, we’ll play the cards we’re dealt.

Reporter1: But is the team as presently constituted good enough to be a contender?

RT: Well, obviously there are areas where we can improve. But I’m willing to bet this team can make the playoffs.

Reporter2: How willing? Would you give me 2 to 1?

WG: OK, that’s it. No more questions. We’ll see you at the rink tomorrow.



  1. I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about Native American culture.

    This is my wife, Sits-on-Full-House

  2. Is Janet being allowed to return to her former position? You know, idly wasting the Great One’s money at various casinos and underground gambling clubs?

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