Fighting In Hockey? Not Just for the Boys Anymore!


Earlier today on the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s web site, a story was posted involving violence and a potentially serious injury that occurred at a high school hockey game in Northern Minnesota. Apparently, things got a little chippy after a whistle and a little fracas broke out. Oh sure, you’ve heard it all before, right? Well, this time it’s different: it was a girl’s high school hockey game.

On January 26th, in the waning seconds of a 3-2 game between International Falls and Moose Lake-Willow River, sophmore forward Kim Ergen was seriously injured, even experiencing temporary paralysis after a fight broke out in front of the International Falls goal.

Now we can’t stand idly by and allow things like this to happen and I think I may have the solution: The First Annual Boogaard Fighting Camp For Girls!

Fortunately, Ergen is now okay and her condition is being diagnosed as “a pretty serious concussion,” according to Police Chief Dale Heaton. An eyewitness gave this account of the incident:

“In the final seconds, Moose Lake was trying to stuff one in the International Falls goal. Our player may have hit her head or neck on the goal post and went down. Then the whistle blew and the game was over, but more than one player piled on top of her, and an opponent was seen punching her.”

I suspect that if Ergen had attended Boogaard’s Fighting Camp, her injuries could have been avoided as she would have been better equipped to defend herself. We can’t have girls getting hurt like this.

For your information, at the First Annual Boogaard Fighting Camp for Girls, the fairer sex will learn the following on-ice pugilistic tactics:

  • Hair-Pulling (on Ice)
  • Face-Scratching and Biting (on Ice)
  • Slapping (on Ice)
  • “Like, Totally Mean” Name-Calling (on Ice)
  • And More!

So, all you parents out there that are sick and tired of seeing your daughter getting pushed around on the ice, sign-up today for the First Annual Boogaard Fighting Camp for Girls

And don’t forget the motto:

Exactly Like the Original Boogaard Fighting Camp, Only for Girls!

Sign up now! Space is limited! 



  1. Kim Ergen was seriously injured, even experiencing temporary paralysis

    You see? If she had known how to fight she wouldn’t have been injured so badly!

  2. by the way, concussions suck. A LOT.

  3. The only fighting I want to see in women’s hockey involves Krissy Wendell, a bikini, and some jello or mud.

  4. As a lady, it disappoints me when chicks are discouraged from fighting in hockey.

    Delicate? Pshaw.

  5. @wraparoundcurl: I know!

  6. @wraparoundcurl: I heartily endorse hockey fighting by any and everyone. And I’m man enough to admit that you or LD could probably kick my ass.

  7. @Lenoc: I am short. So me fighting anyone would be like Scrappy Doo. I’d just be yelling “let me at ‘im!”

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