Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Special Quickie Edition of Ridculitude

From the Repeat or Die Department: a report has the Anaheim Ducks as being the frontrunners to acquire Rob Blake. That would give them Blake, Mathieu Schneider, Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer on the blueline. Granted, Blake is 38, has a bum ankle, and hasn’t played particularly well this season. But how many teams would kill to have Blake and Schneider as their No. 1 defensive pairing? Oh, about 20, I’d say. If this comes to pass, I will officially anoint the Senators as my backup playoff rooting interest. The Ducks must be stopped!



  1. I heard they were going after Al McGinnis as well. SHIT!

  2. Or even Al MacInnis, since he, you know, actually played hockey and stuff instead of being a used car salesman like this McGinnis fellow.

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