You… You… You Remember When The Team You Play For Was Called The North Stars? That Was Awesome

Chris Farley Show

Last night at the Xcel Energy Center, the Minnesota Wild honored Mike Modano for becoming the NHL’s all-time leader in points scored by an American-born player; a feat Modano accomplished earlier this season. For those of you out there that are too young to remember, Minnesota used to have a franchise called the “North Stars” who played in Bloomington from 1967-1993. Owner Cocksucker Norm Green elected to move the team to Dallas at that point, because, you know, professional hockey in Minnesota was never going to work long-term.

But I am not here to rehash the past. Well, maybe a little bit. Suffice it to say, the cocksucker moved the team for reasons that had little to do with the fan base’s passion and interest in the team and a lot more to do with his failing businesses and Green’s enjoyment of playing a little grab-ass with the female contingent of North Stars office employees. Essentially, Norm Green was a shit-eating, cock-smoking,  animal-molesting piece of human garbage – I’ll leave it at that simply because I don’t want to be too harsh on the man.

In the years leading up to when the North Stars left Minnesota, Mike Modano was the undisputed star of the team. Modano led the North Stars (Goddamn, that still sounds good) to an improbable run from an eight-seed all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1991, where they lost a heartbreaker to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So what do we Minnesotans do to maintain the reputation of “Minnesota Nice”? We pay tribute to a class act and a fine player, of course. Former NHL all-time points leader by an American-born player and St. Paul native Phil Housley was on hand for the tribute. Even former North Stars player, coach and general manager Lou Nanne made it to the “X” for the event.

So here’s a tip of the cap to you from all us old North Stars fans, Mike. You have earned it. 

With that said, I’m surprised that after the fans paid their respects to Modano, the “Norm Sucks” chant didn’t start up, which was always audible in the Met Center after we knew the North Stars were leaving. Norm Green – that fucking fuck of a fuckwad.

No, I’m not still bitter. Why do you ask?



  1. Weed, you are too modest. You did lay out your thoughts on Norm some time ago:

  2. What about the Basil McRae fella? He was awesome in The Mighty Ducks.

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