Olie Jokinen decides on being O.J. Simpson for Halloween

WARNING! Don’t watch if you’ve just ate.
Um. Yeah. Holy fuck.
/dick joke


  1. Holy BALLS!

    That’s all I got.

  2. This is the funniest (though the situation is not) headline that I’ve seen in months, but, heads up, it’s Olli. :P

    I was at the game tonight. I was reading a stat sheet like the stats whore that I am before it happened, but I looked up just in time (right now, I wish I’d continued reading =\) and since I wasn’t watching the play, I thought he just got hit with the puck because there was just a little splatter of blood at first, but then it just started GUSHING out.

    That’s a horrible image to have stuck in your mind. :(

  3. I am old enough to remember, and have seen on TV, the Steve Tuttle/Clint Malarchuk incident.

    What are the odds that one team (Buffalo) was involved in both?

  4. What are the odds that both happened in Buffalo? Probably not good either. Scary stuff. My buddies have a van they take to Bills games. They painted O.J. and a bloody knife on it.

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