Attention 24 Hour Party People


What is there to do in Oak Brook, IL at 9 PM on a work night (for you)? Frank Thomas isn’t holding any pillow fight parties, McDonald’s corporate headquarters are closed, and Lions Club International is helping George Clooney fix that thing in Africa. Answer: go drinking in another town! Join Will Leitch, yours truly, and other pasty people at Lunar Brewing Company, located at 54 E. St. Charles Rd. in Villa Park!

Lunar Brewing serves up great homemade beer such as Moondance IPA, Total Eclipse Oatmeal Stout, and Imperial Cream Blackberry Ale at reasonably low prices. However, Lunar offers more than just their own brews, as they have 8 other great microbrews on tap, ranging from Belgians like Hennepin’s Saison to red ales such as Warrenville, IL’s own Two Brothers Cain and Ebel. On top of that, Lunar has a great selection of bottles, including Three Floyds’ Alpha King and Alpha Klaus, Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA, Ska Brewing’s Nefarious Ten Pin Porter, and Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout!

Also, Lunar offers you the drunk to bring home some great beer. Patrons may buy a growler of Lunar’s homemade brew for a great price. If you bring your own growler, you can save a couple dollars.

Lunar holds 300 people, so get inside as soon as Will stops signing “Ha, thanks for coming” on your copy of God Save the Fan!

Directions: From the Oak Brook Borders, Take IL-83 north to St. Charles Rd and turn left. Lunar Brewing will be on your right, at the corner of St. Charles and N. Illinois Ave. Turn right at N. Illinois Ave., then turn left to enter the parking lot behind the bar.



  1. I propose more music.

    Because you gents like good stuff.

  2. I think you guys might be the last people in the country to actually care about hockey.

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