Score One for the Commissioner

If you watched the All-Star Game Super Skills Exhibition, you probably saw all those NHL players do their best “creative” shootout moves. Unfortunately, during the competition “creativity” was interpreted by most of the players as “not actually scoring.” So the competition was sort of anticlimactic.

But apparently, it did inspire at least a couple of players this weekend to get creative in actual game shootout conditions, where it made a difference whether or not the puck went in. First up, Brent Burns of the Wild undresses Manny Legace:

Not to be outdone, Ryan Shannon of the Canucks goes after the jump.

Now, Shannon gets a deduction for plowing into Khabibulin after his Spinorama, but you applaud the effort and the fact that, as the announcers say, Khabibulin wasn’t going to get that one anyway. It should be also noted that Burns followed an unsuccessful attempt by Pierre-Marc Bouchard, where he skated in backwards and just missed flipping a blind backhand into the top corner.

More remarkable than either of the two goals, however, is this undeniable fact: 15 years after he was hired as commissioner in large part due to his “marketing prowess” with the NBA, Gary Bettman finally had a good idea.



  1. At least he kept his shirt on…


  2. @Hex
    I’d pay top dollar for them to not wear shirts.

  3. I effin love Burnsie. Kid is gold when he wants to turn it on.

    I’ve blogrolled you over at my place. Would love a link back if you don’t mind !

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