Zed’s Not Dead, Baby, Zed’s Not Dead


Unnnnh, is it my shift?

What’s with the tubes? Why can’t I move my neck? Never going back to Windsor again … oh? Really? Wow, that’s kinda scary. Thanks for saving my life, everyone. But I really need to get back on the ice.

I can’t leave those youngsters alone. Weiss won’t know which way to push the faceoff. Booth still can’t get to the arena without going to South Beach. And Horty still doesn’t know how to separate his whites from his darks. IT’S NOT THAT HARD, NATHAN! Your red socks bleed all over your T-Shirts!

Heal? Get better? The Zedheads need me! You see this ankle? Al Iafrate used it as target practice one game. It blew up like Miikka Kiprusoff in the offseason. Did I miss a game? HELL NO!

So please, remove these IV’s. Sunrise, Florida needs me. Which way is Sunrise, anyway? I can only see straight ahead.



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