Goon of the Week: Craig Weller

Craig Weller of the Phoenix Coyotes already held a special place in Goondome for his pursuit and clotheslining early this season of superpest Jordin Tootoo after Tootoo had (surprise!) cheapshotted one of his teammates. I’ll give you that video after the jump, but that’s not why Weller is the Goon of the Week.

No, he earned that honor for a 5-second stretch in a game last Thursday versus the Blue Jackets. As you will see, Weller crushes Rick Nash into the boards, and then runs over another Jacket for good measure. Jackets enforcer Ole-Kristian Tollefsen comes rushing to the scene…only to get met with Weller’s gloveless fist, resulting in a one-punch TKO:

He’s a one-man gang! If I had any abilities, I’d redo that with some Batman-style captions. BAM! KRRRACK! POW! I’m sure the Blue Jacket apologists out there are going to whine that Tollefsen didn’t even have his gloves off, wah, wah. My response: Dude, you’re going to challenge a guy who just decked two of your teammates. Why are your gloves still on, and why are you skating into a fray leading with your chin?

And for everyone’s viewing pleasure, here’s Weller delivering some comeuppance on Tootoo back in October. I post this without any defense, since I know there are no Tootoo apologists out there.


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  1. No problem with the hit on Nash, or the next guy, or the puch to Tollefsen. Great sequence. Didn’t like this guy after seeing the Tootoo stuff; I was fine with Tutuu’s hit but didn’t like the clothesline in response. But Weller gets full marks for goonery.

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