Peter Forsberg Takes A Stand…Occasionally


My name is Peter Forsberg, and these are my thoughts of the day.

Today is the day that I pick a Democratic Presidential Candidate.  After all, Super Tuesday’s in the rear view and the Potomac Primaries are also no more.  And for me, Peter Forsberg, the choice is clear.  While I find positive attributes in both the campaign of Barack Obama and that of Hillary Clinton, old Foppa knows when to back a winner.  Obama reminds me of the all-time great oratorical President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and since his whole family supports Obama, why shouldn’t I?  On the other hand, Clinton has the experience and presence to lead the city of Washington for the next four years – hell, it’s like she’s been in the White House before!  You know, the more I think about this, maybe my choice isn’t set in stone yet!  Hell, I should probably check to see if I’m even allowed to vote in this American election.  You know who I’m voting for?  None other than mumblemumblecoughmumble!

I don’t even need to watch these Congressional hearings to proclaim here on MYFO who is and isn’t telling the truth.  A lot of people think that Roger Clemens is being dragged through the mud unnecessarily, while the rest of you all believe that Brian McNamee has no reason to lie.  It’s true that one man is committing perjury with his testimony while another man is speaking with a conscience as clear as a fresh sheet of practice rink ice.  Brett Favre and I both agree without a doubt that Roger is TELLING THE TRUTH.  He’s living proof that you can play well into your later years without having to rely on steroids.  That is, unless of course he had to rely on steroids.  Maybe I should hold on this one, too.

But that’s no matter, America!  In the meantime, I want you all to know that I know what movie will win Best Picture at next week’s Academy Awards!  I’m a bit of a movie buff – Adam Foote got me into cinema years ago, you see.  A lot of websites will tell you that it’s going to be a two horse race between No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood.  I would bet my 2003 Hart Trophy on Daniel Day-Lewis leading his movie to victory.  Like me, he doesn’t exhibit his craft very often – he only likes to sign onto proven winners that have a real chance of taking home the top prize.  But then again, he did Gangs of New York, which Scorsese totally blew the ending on.  So maybe it will be No Country for Old Men.  Bardem’s a feisty Euro, no?  Damn it.  I still have to see Juno.

Oh, you might also be wondering what NHL team, if any; I will choose to join just in time for the playoffs.  Well I have some incredible news for you!

I am too.



  1. Oh, he’s going to sign with the Ducks. Everyone else does.

  2. He’s going to sign with the Wild, of course. Josh Harding told him he could get backstage passes for the next Brooks & Dunn concert.

  3. You know who I’m voting for? None other than mumblemumblecoughmumble!

    YES! Two strong for mumblemumblecoughmumble! It’s time for a new thingy!

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