I Can’t Believe This Fuckstick Is Still Alive…


Tonight on KARE 11, the NBC affiliate in the Twin Cities, an interview with the greatly despised Norm Green will air on their 10:00 p.m. newscast. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to this. As anyone who has read this site is well-aware of by now, my feelings of antipathy and loathing regarding this douchebag are well-documented. I am curious to see how he attempts to justify his actions all those years ago when he stole the North Stars away from all their loyal fans in Minnesota.

Apparently, according to a teaser video up on KARE’s website, the story is being spun to show how Norm Green did NHL fans in Minnesota a favor; since without the North Stars relocation to Dallas, the sequence of events that brought the Minnesota Wild (a quality and well-run organization in its own right) to Saint Paul never would have occurred.

Man, fuck that noise. Is it an interesting theory? Yes. Does it provide him justification for breaking the hearts of North Stars fans? Hell no.

Be sure to check in at MYFO tomorrow, when I will have a full analysis of the interview. Don’t worry, I can guarantee you it will be loaded with the vitriol, anger and outright hostility that you have come to expect from MYFO. Especially when it comes this cocksmoker.



  1. Next week’s KARE 11 expose: We did the Japanese a favor by nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. See how prosperous and peaceful they are now!

  2. Sometimes i wonder if MYFO is to see who can out angry the other. And invent the best new curse words.

    Carry on. I love it.

  3. @ lenoceur: +1

    Next week, we look at how British opression was good for India, since it lead to great leader and all-around ok guy Ghandi.

  4. The man has a point. If he hadn’t moved the North Stars, Minn/St. Paul would still be saddled with a badly managed, joke of a team. After all, he’d probably still be the one in charge.

    I do kinda miss that “falling star” logo though…

  5. Key Highlights:
    * “I did Minnesota a favor. Everything’s great now with the Wild”
    * “If the fans would have shown up more, I would stay.”
    * “My buddy Adolf did the Jews a favor.”
    * “I didn’t sexually harass Joe Dziedzic’s sister too much. Did you see her ass? No jury could convict me for what I did.”

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