Inside the Mind of Nicklas Lidstrom



[internal monologue]

Okay. First Period. The score is still 0-0 right? Man, we have to get out of this slump we’re in. But it’s okay, we are the Red Wings, we will be okay. Sometimes it’s nice to just let the mind wander a bit. The season is so long and we have at least a first-round playoff loss to look forward to. But six games losing in a row? Not acceptable for Nicklas. But look at that pretty lady in the stands. She’s fine and sexy…

What? Oh, my shift? Sorry coach.

(hops over boards)

Time for autopilot…

Did I leave my wallet in my hotel room? Denver has so many nice places to eat. Where should I go after the game? Anywhere I can get a good steak…but what kind of steak? Porterhouse? New York Strip? I don’t know. Oh, time for a change?

(dumps puck, gets off ice)

Ah yes, time to rest the bones a little bit. 15 years is a long time to play. But I still got it. What do I have this year? 50-some points? Better than most of the kids. Definitely good enough for another Norris Trophy. They look nice on shelf.

Half of the time I don’t even have to pay attention anymore. Just let natural instincts take over. Sometimes when I’m on the ice, I change the lyrics to Lido Shuffle by Boz Scaggs to Lidas Shuffle, like my nickname, and I sing in my head:

            Lidas, wuah uh uh uh…
            I said one more goal ought to do it
           One last shot and we’ll win it
           One for the road…
           Lidas, wuah uh uh uh…
           I’m for the money
           I’m for the show
           Lidas waiting for the go!

Heh. I love the Scaggs.

Oh, there’s the hot dog guy. I love hot dogs. But only with yellow mustard…and relish…I remember that Forsberg like hot dogs too. It’s too bad he’s not coming back to play in NHL.

What? Another shift? Alright, alright, hold your horse.

(hops on ice)

It’s still only first period? Geez. Oh, there’s the puck…better go get it…

Owwww. What the hell just happened? Where am I?

(staggers to the bench) 

Lidas, wuah uh uh uh…

I like Boz Scaggs.


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  1. Pronger is still trying to figure out where his sudden erection came from.

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