Yep…Still Hate the Guy


Originally, my plan was to detail my reactions to the interview of Norm Green that was aired on a local news broadcast here in the Twin Cities yesterday. Unfortunately, the geniuses at KARE 11 threw a wrench in my plan when they elected to spread the interview over two newscasts: Tuesday night and Wednesday night. KARE 11, it appears, is willing to do anything during “Sweeps” to get ratings; even if it involves giving this dickmonger more air time.

Now I could go on and on about how much watching these two segments infuriated and troubled me. I was in high school at the time of the North Stars move, which I believe is the prime age for being a sports fan. When you are that age, being a fan is easy. You love your teams and that’s all there is to it. As we all know, as one gets older, it is so easy to become more jaded and cynical about the teams you choose to support. Shit, most of us can look at our dads and see what years of fandom can do to a person.

The point is (and I’m already getting long-winded here), when the North Stars left, it broke my heart, along with hearts of all the other North Stars fans Green obviously didn’t give two shits about.

After the jump, I will briefly discuss both of the segments that aired. I don’t think it will get too ugly.

Note: I highly recommend watching the videos of the interview. It is really the only way to truly experience the douchebaggery of this jizzslosher. You can find links to all the videos associated with the report on KARE 11’s website, including an article written by reporter Scott Goldberg here.

The first part of the interview played out just as I expected. Minnesotans should be thanking Green for moving the North Stars. The North Stars departure “woke up” the hockey fans in the state and without them moving, the NHL wouldn’t have awarded the state with an expansion franchise. I don’t quite understand the back-asswards logic of that, but whatever.

I’m paraphrasing here, but in the interview Green states how he would have loved to keep the North Stars in Minnesota. He then went with the old standbys that he was losing money, the support for the team wasn’t there due to an eroding fan base, blah, blah blah.

True? Partially. The team did go through a period when they were only drawing 8,000 or so fans a game but after the run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1991, the fans came back. Shocking. It’s amazing what happens when you put a quality product out on the ice, right Norm?

He went on to whine about the construction of the Target Center for the Timberwolves and how if he would have been allowed to move the team downtown to the Target Center, the North Stars would still be in Minnesota. Unfortunately for Norm, the arena wasn’t designed to accommodate hockey. The shit is really getting deep now.

Tuesday night’s segment of the interview continues at this nauseating level for its duration. As I mentioned above, watch the interview. Words can’t do it justice.

The second segment of the story that aired Wednesday night was equally annoying. The only redeeming aspect was they gave some air time to Lou Nanne, a former player, coach and executive for the North Stars (note: for those interested in the history of the North Stars, and the NHL in general, I highly recommend Nanne’s book on the topic. Even if you aren’t a North Stars fan, there are some fascinating stories about the “good old days” of the NHL contained therein).

Perhaps the most irritating aspect was how they allowed Green to brag about how the new owner of the Stars, after Green sold the team, gave him a Championship Ring after the Stars won the Cup in 1999. Good for you, you knobgobbler. I hope the ring is too small and when he can’t get it off his finger, it causes an infection and he gets gangrene and needs to have his arm amputated. You know, after the amputation they could call him Norm “Gangrene” Green. A miserable (and fitting) moniker for a despicable man.

As I have already exceeded how much I wanted to write on the topic, I will draw this to a close. It is likely that most of you reading this could probably care less about the North Stars moving to Dallas in 1993. Ancient history, right? Not so fast.

In a way, the story of the North Stars should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who is a fan of any professional sport – whether it’s hockey, football, whatever: the owners of these franchises don’t care about you one bit. If a situation presents itself that can prove to be advantageous to their bottom line, they are going to do it without giving you a second thought.

Myself? I feel after watching this report and going through the range of emotions (anger, bitterness, regret, nostalgia, etc.) that it caused me to feel, I think I may have come to some sort of closure regarding the issue of Norm Green and the legacy he left behind in the state of Minnesota.

You know, maybe life is too short to hold onto years-old hostilities. Maybe it is time for me to move on. Come to think of it, I have a new team now to support that plays right up the road from me in Saint Paul…what’s their name again?

Ooh. That was close. I almost mentioned them.



  1. I’m more than willing to bury the hatchet with Norm Green. If he shows up anywhere I am, I hope I have a hatchet.

  2. I have a new team now to support that plays right up the road from me in Saint Paul…what’s their name again?

    Ooh. That was close. I almost mentioned them.

    I guess you didn’t read the contract closely enough Sebadouche, that counts as a mention- Deal’s off.

  3. I remember after the North Star’s last game at the met center, Jeff Passolt did the sports wearing a T-shirt that simply said NORM GREED. Classic.

  4. @ Negro Observer:

    You don’t read your own writing carefully enough:

    I will pay you $1,000 to stop writing about the Wild. NO FUCKING JOKE. I am that annoyed by you. Stop for 30 days.

    The word “mention” doesn’t appear. It says “write about.” Keep your checkbook handy.

  5. @ Negro Observer:

    And before you argue, I suggest you do just a little research on a little thing called contra proferentem.

  6. WHEREAS The management cannot be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, loss of property or life or limb.


    WHEREAS For damage caused by lightning, earthquakes, floods, fire, frost or frippery of any sort, kind or condition, consequently the undersigned take responsibility.

    WHEREAS During the term of this Agreement you will become and remain, at your sole cost and expense and at our request, a member in good standing of any then properly ..designated labor unions, guilds, or other organizations, as defined and determined .under the applicable law, pertaining persons performing services of the type and the character to be performed here and hereunder. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to require the violation of any written agreement executed between us and any such labor union, guild or other organization which may be in effect at the time of the execution of this agreement, and wherever there is any conflict between the provisions of this agreement and any other, the latter shall prevail, but in such event, the provisions of this agreement so affected shall be curtailed and limited only to the events necessary to permit compliance with such payment of any additional compensation it shall be at the minimum that is permitted thereunder.

    WHEREAS to the extent that…
    …payment hereunder exceeds applicable guild minimum…
    …excess to the fullest…
    …to extent permitted by any applicable…agreement,…
    …shall be credited by any against any additional payment that may have to be made…
    …to said guild agreement and shall be applied…
    …or any additional rights that can be required…
    …payment pursuant to said guild…
    …should the provision of any labor union or…
    …require the execution of any agreement for you…
    …hinting, alluding, or otherwise dancing around the concept of the Minnesota Wild constitutes “writing about” the Minnesota Wild hockey club.

  7. @ Negro Observer: Thank you for your vivid illustration of the difference between an actual lawyer and one of the shithouse variety.

  8. Or the jailhouse variety, I suppose.

  9. @Reasonable Doubt:


    When I see Norm Green, there is a voice in my head that says “Go for the eyes!” Should I see a doctor?

  10. @lenoceur

    i think when he says:

    “Ooh. That was close. I almost mentioned them.”

    he is techniquely “writing about” the wild. dont let this turd win by not doing something you love for 30 days. he’ll never pay you anyway.

  11. ooh lawyer fight about what constitutes “writing about.” this is a quality hockey blog

    BUT, as a lawyer, I interpret “writing about” as the act of creating a written piece wherein the principle subject matter</i is the team that shall not be mentioned by Weed. In this case it is not, it is Norm Green and the North Stars and Norm Green being a dick. The Wild’s mere mention, even implicitly by “almost mentioning them,” is not writing about them.

    But we need a judge, not 10 lawyers.

  12. BUT, as a lawyer who cannot properly CLOSE A FUCKING ITALIC TAG…

  13. @wraparoundcurl: When I see Norm Green, there is a voice in my head that says “Go for the eyes!” Should I see a doctor?

    Only if you hear it at night when you’re asleep. Then again, I’m not a doctor. WebMD doesn’t seem to have anything on the topic…so I gues you’re shit outta luck. Sorry. :/

  14. Between FHF and us, there must be something that draws law-talking guys to hockey blogging.

  15. Norm is the biggest jerk in the world…but who is this Metropolitan Sports Commission? Who ever gave them the power they have. They are the reason the Stars left. Norm wanted to add onto the Met and connect it to the Mega-Mall, it was going to be his money! Why not let this showoff eccentric blow more of his ego money? Who is the Metropolitan Sports Commission and their monolithic grip on how it’s done; did they not in-fact kill Kennedy? If we had kept Normie, we could have hunted down his dogs in the summer!

  16. BTW,

    The contract I cut and pasted is from the original Willy Wonka movie. Someone actually freeze-framed (froze-framed?) the video and copied it word for word. So I’m not even a shithouse lawyer.

  17. The truth is the season ticket sales were down, although good crowds still attended. Unfortunately, there weren’t more season ticket sales…..thus the move to Dallas. When owners cry about their venues, and have the support of the league, they are correct.

    In Dallas attendance never dropped below 15,000… cannot say that about Minnesota. Its amazing how drawing another 2,000 fans per game improves the bottom line….

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