Random Internet Blog Trade Rumors: Ruutu-rrific

Nobody said Eklund was a manYou can’t have too many Ruutuus. At least, that seems to be the attitude of the Pittsburgh Penguins, if the rumorsphere is to be believed. Not content with just Jarkko, the Pens are reportedly pursuing Tuomo, who plies his trade for the Blackhawks. Are they brothers? Cousins? Do they even spell their last name the same way? As FrankD at Pensburgh notes: “Hey, the Sedins have it in Vancouver.” You can’t argue with that.

In addition to Ruutttuuu, the Pens also have interest in Martin Havlat, and might be willing to send Jordan Staal to Chicago in return. Now, Havlat is a nice player, and I suppose Ruutti has his high points. But if I’m the Blackhawks, I would jump at the chance to have Kane, Toews and Staal committing to the Indian for the next several seasons.

There are really two big names out there, of course, fueling the rumorsphere. One of the funnier rumors had the Canadiens equipment people allegedly ordering Marian Hossa-sized sweaters and equipment. I can think of no one better than the Four Habs Fans to deconstruct this silliness. Not that Hossa-to-Montreal is so silly, just the measurement thing.

Amazingly, the popular tune “Mats Sundin is coming to your town” was apparently banned from Canadian radio and the Interwebs the past few days. I’ve never been to Toronto. Is it that nice, that you wouldn’t be willing to spend a couple of months in Vancouver or Ottawa? Detroit, I understand completely.

By the award for the Rumor of the Day has to be this doozy, wherein the Blue Jackets are reportedly interested in acquiring Brad Richards. Yes, the never-been-to-the-playoffs-and-ain’t-going-this-year-either Blue Jackets acquiring a top-shelf talent. Didn’t someone tell them they are supposed to be sellers? More power to them if they can pull it off. As Light the Lamp notes, even if it doesn’t happen “this should send a huge message to the fan base that management isn’t sitting on their hands.” That’s really all fans ask for out of GMs–try to improve the team, and don’t do anything criminally stupid.


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  1. shero isnt that stupid. there were rumors of staal for hossa earlier in the year and that was dismissed as absurd, this wouldnt be nearly as good of a deal for the pens as that, i dont believe there is any substance to it

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