TWW: MYFO goes Audible

Welcome everyone to another edition of The Weekly Whoring. This week, we pimp out an internet radio show and all its three or four listeners. Why? Because we got suckered into helping out. Last Friday, I co-hosted for about 45 minutes on the internet show Frozen Showzen, wherein I did what I do best: Bad jokes, talk about the Lightning, and make fun of Gary Bettman. You can tell I have never done live radio before, but I suppose it could have ended up worse.

We’ll be doing guest shots on this show in the upcoming weeks. As of right now, it’s on Fridays at 9 PM, but there’s talk of moving that time slot. Of course, if you have a social life (and why should you? You’re reading a hockey blog.) and aren’t sitting at your computer on Friday nights, the archives are available immediately after the show ends.

Feel free to make fun of my Kermit voice in the comments.



  1. Actually, I thought you sounded more like Fozzie. WOCKA-WOCKA!

  2. No worries. I am fairly certain I sound like Kelly Kapoor from The Office. Most unfortunate.

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