Do You Know What Bugs Me About the Trading Deadline? Pretty Much Everything

Trade Deadline

So the dust is starting to settle and another NHL trading deadline has come and gone. Woo-fucking-hoo. Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm, but other than a few “headliner” trades, in particular as time was running out (most notably, Campbell to San Jose; Huet, Fedorov and Cooke going to the Caps; Richards to the Stars and Hossa – all praise Hockey Jesus – ending up with the Penguins), this season’s NHL deadline passed by with scarcely a whimper.

The end result is most fans are left unfulfilled with a wicked case of blue balls. Metaphorical blue balls – I hope.

(And if you have been coming to MYFO all day for up-to-the-minute updates regarding trades, well, how should I put it – you shouldn’t have – in case you haven’t noticed, we here at MYFO specialize in sarcasm, satire and inventing new compound words that begin with dick or cock).

Which brings me to my point: trading deadlines, not only those  in the NHL but in the NBA and MLB as well, just end up being an utter waste of time and energy. And odds are they irritate me for the same reasons they bother everyone else.  Continue reading


Cancel the U-Haul Reservation, Honey


What do the following guys have in common?

Jason York.  Stu Grimson.  Mark Ferner.  Magnus Nilsson.  Roman Oksuita.  Chris Gratton.  Mikael Renberg.  Daymon Langkow.  Ryan Johnson.  Dwayne Hay.  Johan Fransson.  Darryl Sydor.  Teppo Numminen.  Brent Johnson.  Tim Shishkanov.  Oh, and a truckload of ” future considerations.”

They’ve all had their lives altered by the trading juggernaut that is Mike Sillinger.

Back in November, I wrote about Mike Sillinger’s continued existence as a hockey player in the NHL when he played in his 1,000th game.  That puts him in rarified company with the likes of Mike Modano and Nicklas Lidstrom.  Of course, it warrants mentioning that while Lidstrom is a rock in Detroit and Modano is a Star for Life, Sillinger’s become synonymous with the greater Philly-Tampa-Columbus-St.Louis-Vancouver-Long Island-Nashville-Ottawa-Phoenix-Detroit-Anaheim-Florida tri-state region.  In order to work on his jersey collection, the above list of players had to uproot their families and move to various locales, most often in expansion cities, just so Sillinger could complete his rec room décor. 

Selfish jerk.

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Focusing the Haterade: Scott Burnside

We try to be fair in spreading the hate around here. We hate because we love. Except Gary Bettman. He sucks.

But Scott Burnside? For the second time today, MYFO says Go fuck yourself.

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Athletes Are Too Loyal Nowadays, Dag Blastit!

Leafs Fan

I viewed Mats Sundin’s decision not to waive his no-trade clause as the kind of difficult but noble (if a bit irrational) act of franchise allegiance that sportswriters are constantly claiming doesn’t exist in pro sports anymore. Even though it’s a case of sentimentality over short-term financial sense (and possibly a draft pick or two), surely columnists are going to see some merit in Sundin’s decision to stick it out with a franchise that’s been extremely loyal to him for the past decade, right?

Nope. If you’re ESPN’s NHL Columnist / Arbiter of Vague Anger Scott Burnside, you’re going to be mad about Sundin’s decision. VAGUELY mad. Let’s take a firejoemorgan-style peek at this article and see if we can figure out exactly who’s at fault here (hint – the answer is everyone):

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