Cancel the U-Haul Reservation, Honey


What do the following guys have in common?

Jason York.  Stu Grimson.  Mark Ferner.  Magnus Nilsson.  Roman Oksuita.  Chris Gratton.  Mikael Renberg.  Daymon Langkow.  Ryan Johnson.  Dwayne Hay.  Johan Fransson.  Darryl Sydor.  Teppo Numminen.  Brent Johnson.  Tim Shishkanov.  Oh, and a truckload of ” future considerations.”

They’ve all had their lives altered by the trading juggernaut that is Mike Sillinger.

Back in November, I wrote about Mike Sillinger’s continued existence as a hockey player in the NHL when he played in his 1,000th game.  That puts him in rarified company with the likes of Mike Modano and Nicklas Lidstrom.  Of course, it warrants mentioning that while Lidstrom is a rock in Detroit and Modano is a Star for Life, Sillinger’s become synonymous with the greater Philly-Tampa-Columbus-St.Louis-Vancouver-Long Island-Nashville-Ottawa-Phoenix-Detroit-Anaheim-Florida tri-state region.  In order to work on his jersey collection, the above list of players had to uproot their families and move to various locales, most often in expansion cities, just so Sillinger could complete his rec room décor. 

Selfish jerk.

Where will he go today?  I hear Calgary is nice.  They’ve had Daymond Langkow before; they’ll love you!  How about Atlanta?  That seems like a place with players to trade in the reality that it doesn’t really improve either team’s chances of winning a Stanley Cup.  Seriously, every single trade Sillinger has been involved with has gotten the teams in action NOWHERE.  Yes, Darryl Sydor is on the list up there, and he’s been a big name playoff player.  Except in his own personal Sillinger deal, he was dealt TO Columbus.  So what does this all mean?         

Mike Sillinger will get traded today, his kids will leave all their friends behind, his wife will have to pack up the damn house, and they’ll move to a new city that won’t get past the first round of the playoffs.  That’s some life, Mike.

What????  That’s why you got injured and have elected to have surgery??  I figured it was because you’re 83 years old.

Apparently, living in Long Island is worth breaking your hip over.  Who knew?


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