Focusing the Haterade: Scott Burnside

We try to be fair in spreading the hate around here. We hate because we love. Except Gary Bettman. He sucks.

But Scott Burnside? For the second time today, MYFO says Go fuck yourself.

I’m sitting at my desk with TSN’s Trade Centre open in a separate window, following along closely, but not obsessively. (Brian Campbell just got shipped out and it’s nice to see Tampa ship out a star player who has scored 9 goals in 11 games for a guy who will probably never make it out of the minors) However, Scott Burnside and Joy Russo get paid to write about this shit. They’re doing a liveblog over on Can you think of what they may be discussing? Where Brad Richards might go? Will some team desperate to get an attempted murderer on their team cut a deal (heh) for O.J. 2.0? Who will get Grumpy Hossa at the end of the day?

No. They’re busy talking about their FUCKING OSCAR POOL!

Seriously. Fuck you Scott Burnside. Fuck you Joy Russo. Fuck you ESPN. You’re douchebags. We here at MYFO talked about doing a trade deadline semi-liveblog. But we decided that if you get your breaking hockey news from us, you’re tragically misinformed. (credit for that line goes to LeNoc.)

But rest assured, if we did quick hits about every trade that came through, we’d be funnier than these two dicklicks. I can make jokes about Uncle Ted getting a French Surrender Monkey as his new goaltender, and I guaran-damn-tee that it cracks a smile on a couple of you. How many of you enjoy talk of Oscar Pools, especially two days after the Oscars happens?

FUCK the Four Letter.

And of course, as I write this, Brad Richards gets shipped off for a young goaltender, and O.J. 2.0’s brother. Right on, Oren. Right on.



  1. People still do Oscar pools? That’s craziness. Four hours is too goddamn long to wait to win cashola.

  2. @wraparoundcurl: I know. Maybe they should just stick to a drinking game of some sort…
    (from a bit back, but still pretty good)

    maybe there should be a draft day drinking game, but then again, most people are at a job during the day so….maybe not

  3. better game:

  4. @domi:

    I imagine one would be shitoused drunk in roughly 20 minutes. Most excellent!

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