MYFO Liveblog: Biblical Battle – Penguins v. Rangers

Evening, gang! Versus is just getting cranked up, so join us after the jump for some sweet liveblogging action. Comment along and get blitzed with us.

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Taking The Time To Fill Out A Bracket Was A Colossal Waste

Sour Grapes MovieWhy do I even bother? Just as it went with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, it only took one weekend for my NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament Bracket to be completely decimated. Sure, I’m a total moron for picking the Gophers to win two games over the weekend (fuck you, Garth Snow, and screw you, Kyle Okposo – the Gophers could have used you this weekend), but Colorado College and Denver shit the bed over the weekend as well. St. Cloud State made it 0 for 7 in NCAA Tournament games, and of course, I picked them. But, as everyone knows, no one cares about any other person’s bracket so I will stop my pissing and moaning and leave it at that.

For complete coverage of the weekend that was in NCAA Hockey, information can be found here.

After the jump, the standings in MYFO’s First Ever Inaugural Annual Original NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey P(h)uck-Off Memorial Presented by Bellsouth*

* not actually presented by Bellsouth

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TWW: MYFO Live Blog tonight!

That’s right, cats and kittens. Your friendly MYFO Gang will be liveblogging the Titanic Biblical Struggle between Hockey Jesus and Hockey Herod as Sidney Crosby’s Penguins take on Sean Avery’s Rangers tonight in Part 2 of the home-and-home series.

So come back tonight at 7 PM EST and we’ll be liveblogging away, some of us more sober than others.

Never trust a cock knocker with your cell phone

I should have fucking known better.

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The Playoffs According to Biff


Pierre McGuire: Chemistry with Hossa getting better?

Sidney Crosby: It’s gettin’ there. I mean, uh, it’s gonna take a couple games but he’s a great player and I think we’re gonna create our chances.

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Niedermayer Already Not Thinking About Un-retiring Again

hamlet-of-hockey.jpgScott Niedermayer was the Brett Favre of hockey, hemming and hawing forever about whether he was “retired” or not. Then he became the Roger Clemens of hockey, returning for just enough of the season to tune up for playoff action, opening the door for a similar move by teammate Teemu Selanne, Peter Forsberg, and countless other vets in coming years. If the Rangers ever look like a legit Cup contender, is there any doubt Mark Messier would use the “Niedermayer rule” to come back for a little run? (You can make your own Leafs/Frank Mahovlich joke.)

The first person to use the trick next season will probably be…Scott Niedermayer. As Niedermayer told the Orange County Register, “I’m just concentrating on the next five games, and then hopefully having some fun in the playoffs. Then, I guess, whether I like it or not, I’m going to have to make a decision again.” Terrific. Continue reading

TWW: Hey! Everyone! Check Out Our Kick-Ass Brackets!

Safety BracketThe NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament season is upon us once again. I know it is hard to remain composed, but please try to control your excitement. In all seriousness, if any of you out there are able to catch any of the games, be sure to check them out. In a way, college hockey is what NHL hockey should aspire to be, with the larger ice sheets, unbridled enthusiasm and cockeyed optimism, which if he were a real person, Billy Mumphrey would just have to wholeheartedly endorse. After the jump, check out our picks in MYFO’s First Ever Inaugural Annual Original NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey P(h)uck-Off Memorial Presented by Bellsouth*

* not actually presented by Bellsouth

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