Free Your Mind, Craig

Mr. Anderson 

FedExMan: Craig Anderson?

Craig: Yeah, that’s me.

FedExMan: Just sign here.  Ok, great. Have a nice day.

(Opens package to find a phone ringing inside)

Craig: Hello?

Morpheus: Hello…Craig?  Did you sign for this?  Where’s your brother Neo?

Craig: I’m sorry?

Morpheus: Do you know who this is?

Craig: Mike Keenan?

Morpheus: Guhhh…No, Craig, it’s Morpheus.  I’m looking for Neo.  Can I speak with Neo?

Craig: Neo’s not here.  He’s doing another crap romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock.  Can I take a message?

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Pierre McGuire Under Glass

Pierre’s commentary from the March 2, 2008 game between the Rangers and Flyers …

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