Only one gole in last atez games? No, this will not do. Teddy payz big bucks to play at the Verizon Center. He bringz in dignitaries from all over world! And people pastier than prisoners in Siberia! I cannotz letz him down.

Why iz Bruins waiting at blue line? I charge ahead like Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov past those silly Frenchies!

Receives pass from Nicklas Backstrom

Tim “The Tool” Thomas can’t stopz me! OVIE TIME!!!

Roofs breakaway

AUGGH, AUGGH, AUGGH, AUGGGHHHH!! Ted, can youz hear me now? GOOOOOOD. One gole is not enuff. I’z cravin’ them like Murray.

Everybody’z looking at Backstrom again. Why? He no play goal for Mini Soda! Give itz to me!

Receives pass from Backstrom


Tips pass past Thomas


Nooooo!!! Don’t switch keepz! We wazz having so much fun together! Bye, Timmy!

Alex Alt? I love Long Trail Double Bag!!! You so biscuity and toasty and copper. Diacetyl and hoppy goodness? MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Oooooh, power play? I love being on top!

Four players all looking at you, Alex Semin! Help me hitz this sweet pussy with your juice!


Tips pass past Auld


Auld’s bloomers fly off

Roof flies off

Alex, putz your pantz back on! Weez the Moonienites, while you just moonie!!

That’s the Eau Natural hat trick!!! What iz I gonna do with these hats? They no keep Katya’s head warm in Moscow! How will she survive with these silly Zephyr hats? FLY AWAY!!!!

Five poynts iz enuff for Ovie tonight, not like Dick Van Patten!

Assist to Yahoo!!!!!!! for the pic



  1. Whenever I read Ovie Time, MC Hammer starts playing in my head.

  2. I’m starting to look forward to Ovie posts almost as much as the Avery posts. But Avery still wins because I get to use words like dicksnuggler

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