Phoenix Coyotes “Game Night”: Kind of Like “Date Night” Except You Don’t Have to Hang Out With Your Wife

Game Night

On Sunday, March 9th, the Phoenix Coyotes are holding “Game Night” at the always hip and happeining Dave and Buster’s in Phoenix, where for the paltry fee of $50 for adults ($25 for kids), those in attendance will be able to square off against their favorite Coyotes players in various recreational pursuits. Take it away, Phoenix Coyotes Official Website:

“The opportunity to take on Shane Doan in Air Hockey, or Keith Ballard in Bowling is something that has fans honing their skills across the valley. Who wouldn’t want to tell their friends that they beat Dan Carcillo at Golden Tee?”

Indeed. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon – in Phoenix – well, other than being outside, I guess. Or drinking. Or drinking and being outside.

“Game Night” is nevertheless still a great marketing gimmick. More teams should follow the Coyotes’ lead and schedule game nights where fans can mingle with the players and take them on in their favorite bar game.

So, the question is: if you could play an NHL player or personality in any sort of bar game, what would it be? Or how about a video game, lawn game or even a board game?

I have a few ideas…

  • Lawn Darts with Alexander Ovechkin – as his teammate – I imagine it’s just like throwing a spear at a wild boar for him.


  • Inflatable Sumo Wrestling with Derek BOOOGAAARD – the experience of fighting him without the cracked skull and caved-in face.
  • Team Cricket with Tomas Kaberle – hey, he won the Most Accurate Shot competition at the All-Star Game – winning that means something, right?
  • Bridge or Canasta with Chris Chelios – ha ha, he’s old.
  • Chinese Checkers with Richard Park – calm down, people – it’s a joke.


  • Halo 3 with Sidney Crosby – you see what I did there? Pretty clever lame.
  • Bocce Ball with Sean Avery– he’s used to handling large balls, right? Heyyy, his own, you fucking cock knockers.

And finally,

  • Asshole with Gary Bettman.

Those are some of the ideas I could come up with on my own. Feel free to let me know in the comments some other possibilities.



  1. Can I play poker with the Puck Bunnies?

  2. Project Gotham Racing with Danny Heatly?

  3. Twister with the Ice Girls?

  4. College basketball pool with Tocchet?

  5. Swap Meet with Mike Comrie?

  6. Operation with Olie?

  7. Rock, Paper, Ice Skate with Zednik?

  8. Hungry Hungry Hippos with Keith Tkachuk and Miikka Kiprusoff.

  9. The Name Game with Alexei Ponikarovsky, Guillaume Latendresse, and Petteri Nokelainen.

  10. Twisted Metal with Craig MacTavish?

  11. Dance Dance Revolution with Jeremy Roenick?

    Wii Beer Pong with John LeClair?

  12. I think Twisted Metal would be a better game for retired player Rob Ramage. You know, when he gets ouf of prison.

  13. Basketball, Other Items…

    American, bless their cold rotting hearts, put us on a“ bus” (passenger van) driven by a sweet midwestern man (asshole) with a handful of airport meal vouchers and a Ruth’ s Chris gift certificate (no food or drink of any kind). We drove briefly (two a…

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