TWW: Listen to Us Argue About Goonery

A couple weeks ago week, I whored out the radio show I was contributing to. This week, a special treat. Actually, two. This will be the last week to hear my sorry ass on the show, as I was dragging it too far down in the mud. But also, because the host is out on vacation, MYFO is taking over. That’s right, folks. At different points in the night, all of your favorite MYFO writers will be talking about goonery in the NHL. Should the instigator rule get shitcanned? Should guys like Avery BOOOOOGAAAAAARRRRRD and Chris “Don’t Call Me Psycho” Simon be allowed to police themselves like adults without repercussion? Will that help or hurt the sport?

To listen, simply click here. The show will begin at 9 PM EDT and run for about an hour and a half. Joining the MYFO’ers will be Senators Lost Cojones from Five For Smiting and HabsFan33 from Four Habs Fans.

So sit back and enjoy. Even if you can’t tune in tonight, the show is archived at that link beginning immediately after the show ends.



  1. Ahw, I won’t be able to listen to it. Since I will be at a Canucks game. In a suite….

    end of my braggery.

  2. I won’t be around, I’m partying it up with wraparoundcurl…I wish

  3. I am going to wire my mouth shut.

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