Hurricanes’ Writer Claims NHL Bias in Favor of Canadian Teams; Actual Results Somewhat Contradictory

Expending the shoe leatherBeing a hockey fan in Carolina can be a somewhat depressing pursuit, one imagines. Just a couple years removed from winning a Stanley Cup, yet none of the big network games in the U.S. feature the Canes. Hockey “experts” rag on the Southeast Division at every opportunity. While the NHL makes sure that Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Sundin, Iginla and Zetterberg get plenty of press, no love gets thrown to Cole and Staal.

You might start to think that the NHL really doesn’t like hockey in Carolina, that they’re just happy to keep collecting money from those NASCAR-lovin’ rubes. You might start to think that the NHL’s disciplinary system is biased against you.

An intrepid reporter for the Raleigh News and Observer did an “in-depth study” and concluded that, when it comes to handing out discipline, the NHL comes down a lot heavier when the victim of an illegal hit is, say, a Canuck or Flame, rather than a Cane. According to the author, the bias is even more pronounced in favor of the hockey axis of Toronto-Montreal-Ottawa. How must it feel to be a Cane, knowing that if Darcy Tucker cross-checks you in the head, he might get a game or two (maybe), but if you do the same to him you’ll get 5?

I can see it now: Brian Burke and Colin Campbell, Fifth Columnists. Gary Bettman has been trying to kill off as many Canadian franchises as possible, and all the while Burke and Colie are on the inside, quietly tilting the scales in their favor. It’s brilliant. Next thing you know, someone will tell us that the referees are biased toward Canadian teams, too.

If only all that underhanded, Machiavellian work actually led to, you know, winning Cups. Then those Canes conpiracy theorists might be on to something.

The voices in my head believe that Xanax is out to get them.



  1. I think the writter is right on the money myself. And is willing to stand up and speak his mind on what his research shows. Let me site you an example of Good journelism and commitmet to a job. If you are familiar with the name Russ Conway. Well Russ did a 8 or 9 year investigation into the goings of the NHL . The result was Alan Eagleson going to jail for all the corruption that would have destoyed the NHL . He was inducted into the Hall Of Fame with Gretzky. Gretzky mentions Russ Conway in his induction speech. So before you go making snap judgements on very good writter which I beleive Luke is I would invite you to maybe get a copy of Mr Conways Book Game Misconduct. I say it is guys like Luke who keep the game accountable and honest. Just my half cents worth. Moral of the story do some home work before you pass judgement

  2. That’s a fine idea. I do love me some good “journelism and commitmet.”

  3. Someone get Michael a copy of ‘Elements of Style’ stat. Reading that gave me a headache.

    At least he did recognize that he wasn’t giving the usual two cents, rather just a mere half cent.

  4. Although I do like the idea of turning ‘book’ into a proper noun.

  5. Let’s see:

    Snarky Condescension – CHECK
    Moonshine Reference – CHECK
    Chewing Tobacco Reference – CHECK
    Obligatory NASCAR Insult – CHECK
    Referring to Southeast as ‘SouthLeast” – NEGATIVE
    Sister Marrying Joke – NEGATIVE

    You’re only batting .666 on this one. You may want to go back and edit your article to say “SouthLeast” and add a trite inbreeding joke. In fact, for extra credit, you may even want to throw in a Klan reference. That’s mandatory material in any derogatory hockey article aimed at the Hurricanes. If you don’t include those missing elements, you will never be taken seriously by anyone north of Baltimore…

  6. If you read Luke’s article it is not just talking about the Canes. It talks about all small market teams, I believe mentioning Laraque and Andrew Peters and last time I looked at the roster neither of them play for the Hurricanes.
    “East of Here” is right though. And I really think you could work on your condescension a bit, because your sarcasm comes off a bit thin at times.
    “Being a hockey fan in Carolina can be a somewhat depressing pursuit, one imagines.”
    No actually, it is very very awesome. There is nothing like being a Caniac so please don’t try and speak up for us.

    If you can’t see that the discipline in the NHL is uneven based on a players status, or his team then you are missing something. Chris Pronger wasn’t even going to get a suspension for his stomping Kesler, but because of the outrage from the public there appeared a new “angle” and he STILL only gets 8 games for the same action that Simon got 30 games for. The only difference is that Pronger is a ‘superstar’ in this league. Anyone can see it and the only people who can’t are the people who don’t want to see it.

  7. New rule: you cannot comment unless you are familiar with Strunk and White.

  8. Let’s review this most recent Pronger incident.

    1. Initial reaction from the league is that no suspension is warranted
    2. After reams of bad publicity come from all angles of Canadian media, new evidence surfaces and the case is “re-opened”.
    3. The non suspension suddenly is changed to an 8 game suspension.
    4. The victim is Vancouver, a Canadian team

    This case backs up Luke’s theory 100%. If the same incident had happened in Carolina and Pronger stomped on Matt Cullen’s leg, there would have been no outcry, no 2nd angle to review, and no suspension.


  9. Good lord, you Hurricane fans have an inferiority complex.

  10. Agreed. You guys better be careful or you are going to be confused with Red Wings fans.

  11. red wings fans have inferiority complexes? that’s news to me…

  12. I do so love first-time visitors to MYFO.

  13. Hmmmm…nope. Sorry Micheal. I re-read that six times and still couldn’t find a single dick joke.

  14. You want to whine about league bias? How about the bias against Hartford that allowed you to even have a team to begin with?

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