One of MYFO’s Editors Was Doing His Best To Help Out Chris Pronger, According to The Hockey News

Pronger CaricatureIt has now been reported that Chris Pronger has been suspended eight games by the National Hockey League for his skate stomp on Ryan Kessler on Wednesday night. Whether you agree with the decision or not, you have to give the NHL credit for handing down, um, swift consistent well, justice of some sort. Evidently, even Chris Pronger has to face the wrath of Colin Campbell on occasion, even if he waived his opportunity for a face-to-face sit-down with Campbell and instead opted for a telephone conference.

Be that as it may, it appears one of our own was on the forefront of the whole Chris Pronger situation. The only question I have is: why, RD, why?

I am aware this article by Mark Dixon was published on The Hockey News website on March 14th, but check out the headline:

Top Shelf: Reasonable doubt gets Pronger off the hook

I suppose this shows even with one of the best on his side, Pronger was going down. What a shame. But don’t worry Ducks fans, he’ll be back in time to get suspended again in the playoffs.

(Big assist to the website Playoff Beard  for use of the Pronger caricature)



  1. What, Reasonable Doubt does offer his services for a reasonable price. Pronger is economical that’s all.

    But don’t worry Ducks fans, he’ll be back in time to get suspended again in the playoffs. Or hurt himself again. haahahahehehehe

  2. They wanted him gone for the playoffs do. I did what I always do: fight for the best deal I can get.

    Now maybe he can punk out some Red Wings in the playoffs.

  3. This was a fantastic job, RD. He’ll be rested and ready for the playoffs.

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