Sharks’ Media Relations Staffer Has ‘Weak Brain’


A few NHL teams have experimented with one or more of their players writing a “blog” once a week or so. Although it is probably more likely that some team media relations person actually does the blogging after a 45-second conversation with the player. The Sharks’ Marcel Goc, however, just might be writing his own material.

Goc is apparently an avid chess player. He describes how he regularly beats team Media Relations and Travel Coordinator staffer Ryan Stenn, because Stenn has a “weak brain.” Marcel, word of advice: don’t rag on the Travel Coordinator. That’s a surefire path to your room on the road ending up next to the ice machine, every time. Other tidbits from that nutty Marcel:

  • He doesn’t know how to sync his iPod, so he had to listen to the same 10 songs over and over on a recent road trip. Never has a man’s hankering to hear an occasional Celine Dion torch song turned out so disastrously. Although, if you’re only going to listen to one Celine song, it ought to be “Ziggy,” her ode to the frustrations of being a fag hag in love:

“Why won’t he try anything new?” has to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious lines every penned. For a very intentional and very hilarious take on the same topic, I heartily recommend the fabulous Unknown Hinson’s “Your Man…” although all I could find was this brief clip.

  • Returning (briefly) to hockey…Marcel also channels a little Bill Murray on his blog: “We just got the franchise record for most consecutive wins. Which is great.” He does not, however, disclose any obsessions centered on destroying a gopher.


  1. Also, apologies to our francophone readers for linking only to the English version of “Ziggy.” The French version might be even funnier, because it is approximately 58 percent more earnest-sounding.

  2. Ah, Ziggy…back when learning French DIDN’T make me want to shoot myself in the face.

    Ziggy… il s’appelle Ziggy
    Je suis folle de lui
    C’est un garcon pas comme les autres
    et moi je l’aime ce n’est pas de ma faulte…

  3. @ loser domi: Holy generation gap! I was schooled on Maurice Chevalier and Edith Piaf.

    On se rappelle toujours sa première maîtresse
    J’ai gardé d’la mienne un souvenir pleine d’ivresse
    Un jour qu’il avait plu
    Tous deux on s’était plu
    Ensuite on se plut de plus en plus

    In case it wasn’t apparent, I developed a thing for clever French wordplay.

  4. I took French once. The first thing I taught myself to say was “I am sorry my French is terrible do you speak any English?”

  5. @lenoceur: you’re going to yell at me to get off your lawn now, aren’t you?

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