MYFO’s Something Related to Picking the NCAA Tournament Bracket Post

Nose PickerWhat the?

So, everyone on the friggin’ planet is in “picking their NCAA Tournament Bracket” mode, right? Myself? I wait until Thursday morning and crank them out – much less second-guessing and time wasted on brackets that will surely be busted before Friday evening.

We all know the best part of doing your selections is coming up with a unique name for your bracket. Over the past couple of days, we here at MYFO have been utilizing our wealth of contacts throughout the NHL to create a little tournament pool of our own consisting of players, coaches, media-types and NHL honchos. I thought the loyal readers of MYFO (all tens of you) would be interested in seeing the names of the brackets for those who have been kind enough to participate.

Daniel and Henrik Sedin: Two Heads are Better Than One

Sean Avery: Two in the Pink One in the Stink

Daniel Briere: Wearing My Black Eyeliner for North Caroliner

Derek BOOOGAAARD: The Tyler Durdens 

Sidney Crosby: So Let It Be Chosen So Let It Be Done

Alexander Ovechkin: Neanderthals With Basketballs

Barry Melrose: All Number One Seeds

Chris Simon: Don’t Know What I’m Doing But I’ll Take A Stab At It 

Gary Bettman: No Canadian Teams In Tournament Rules

Garth Snow: College Boys Make Me Happy in the Pants

Teppo Numminen: Picking with My Heart Not With My Brain

Chris Pronger: Curbstompers

Chris Osgood: I Picked Them Osgood As I Can

Jordin Tootoo: The Eskimo Pies

Richard Zednik: I Drink Your Milkshake!

Jamie Langenbrunner: The Blade Brunner 

Peter Forsberg: I Wish I Coulda Had A Few More Days

Jeremy Roenick: This Could Finally Be My Year

Eric Staal: The Disorderly Conducts

Martin Gerber: No Baby Food Just Baby Batter

Rick Tocchet:

  • TocchetPick 1
  • Tocchet Pick 2
  • Tocchet Pick 3…
  • Tocchet Pick 47

Of course, those are just a few examples of the names used by those who elected to join MYFO’s First Annual NCAA Tournament Pool. If anyone would care to speculate as to some of the other bracket names chosen by NHLers, feel free to let us know in the comments.



  1. mine was from our/my classic list of hockey porn titles, “Light My Lamp”

    And “Neanderthals with Basketballs”? AWESOME

  2. Wow. Thanks a lot for that photo, Weed. I didn’t want to have lunch today. Really.

    Mine was “Having Unreasonable Doubts”

  3. Henrik Lundqvist: “Mike Ritcher Sucks”

    Steve Yzerman: “I still want Octopussy”

  4. I didn’t know George Clooney was a Just For Men user. Looks like he could use a touch-up, especially on that beard. He’s never going to be able to score like Keith Hernandez.

  5. Roberto Luongo: Johnny Canuck Only Plays With Pucks.

  6. Wayne Gretzky: Just Picking What Janet Tells Me

  7. @lenoceur: I thought that was Sean Connery

  8. Right through the nasolacrimal duct.

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